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  1. evening by the lake

    Thanks friends. I have a lot of work. I Digitize and necessarily boast)))
  2. evening by the lake

    на досуге было свободное время, и я решил работать с маслом, что сказать?
  3. evening by the lake

    I am very pleased thank you
  4. 3

  5. 2

  6. 1

    Recently I was at my grandmother in the village and decided to made a few photos for memory, look what happened
  7. "Portrait of a beautiful girl"

    beautiful, I would have married married)
  8. Mixing oil colours to get green

    very informative, thank you!
  9. Nature, Travel & Landscape Photographer

    this is a wonderful place. so clean and beautiful. unfortunately there were few places not spoiled by people.
  10. Charcoal on Paper

    I liked the umbrella most of all, the color scheme was well chosen. looks like a real wet umbrella)))
  11. Twin Elfs

    I really like it, I'm designing computer games and creating elf characters is one of my favorite activities
  12. Wedding Dresses in Abu Dhabi

    I do not think that in the Arab Emirates they wear such frank dresses. this is a Muslim country, after all?
  13. Those who can't, teach

    I can not say about art in general, but in painting there is not much to be trained. You can teach only the technical side of the question. But one can only learn to see how to express their emotions and feelings on canvas by himself. There is either a talent from nature or not
  14. Nguyen Tuan, 1963 | Figurative sculptor

    sculptures as living, poses, look. They shock
  15. Daily Quotes

    "There are only two ways to live your life. One of them, think that there are no miracles. The other is that everything is a miracle "(Albert Einstein)
  16. Didn't Make The Cut

    Well, I always worked in the company and did not do freelancing, so I have no opinion on this issue. The main thing is not to give up and you will succeed.
  17. ArtByte by Thomas Mücke

    although I know it, but the article is interesting. everything is concise and understandable
  18. beautiful view. I would like to live there. Congratulations!
  19. Playing around with new skin

    although the master of leather, sounds strange. But in fact, this is one of the most difficult components. Harder than realistic skin can only be the eyes
  20. why funds are not extinct?

    many thanks! my problem is solved, everything turned out to be easier than I thought
  21. about 6 hours ago I made several transactions to my wallet on the bittrex exchange, all transactions still have 0 of 6 confirmations. With what it can be connected?
  22. Hello Art Byters

    glad to greet you in our friendly family) if you have any questions, ask and we will gladly help you =))
  23. what a look, what kind of lips. the girl looks like a vampire, I look at the picture and wait for her to smile and show her fangs)))
  24. Digital paint made entirely out of HTML & CSS

    I thought so. this introduces the uniqueness and "zest" in the image