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  1. Daily Quotes

    We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a small planet. But we can understand the universe. It makes us special
  2. caricatures

    thanks for the kind words, friends)
  3. caricatures

    a few more of my works ...
  4. Daily Quotes

    Go as far as you can see. And you will see even further.
  5. Hollow Knight

    Thank you! I will definitely try
  6. sharknado

    I can not understand where the shark is swimming?)
  7. Daily Quotes

    ahah it's ironic?))
  8. buying artbyte

    Well, in fact, we have nothing left in this situation, how to trust the team ABY. To sell coins at the current price is the height of adultery. In addition, in recent days, a slight increase began. Let's see how it ends
  9. Daily Quotes

    When it rains, you need to think about the colors that will appear after
  10. p2pool for Artbyte

    thanks for the info!