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  1. Daily Quotes

    all new old long forgotten old? I heard somewhere that a person can not imagine / invent something that he did not see before
  2. Digital Artist

    I got acquainted with your work, they are good. You will have a great future, well done!
  3. Summertime

    unfortunately I'm not a freelancer and have a rest when I can not) And from vacation I returned just a couple of weeks ago. But now I feel cheerful and full of energy
  4. 'Jelly Jellies' Released At Last!

    Congratulations! I'll try to play)
  5. beautiful work. but he has some strange smears. I do not understand than he wrote his paintings. Is this a brush?
  6. Peter Demetz, 1969 | Figurative wood sculptor

    beautiful work. very "alive". I remember where I saw on the forum a sculptor with a similar direction
  7. very interesting thoughts. I will look forward to the exhibition
  8. 7.jpg

    Thank you! ahah, no, these are my friends))
  9. excellent, but something for a long time something interesting nothing nebylo heard.
  10. yes, such a daily volume - this is not serious anymore. Therefore it turns out that bittrex is always the best option
  11. Hello ArtByte Community!

    welcome to the forum) can I somewhere to hear your music?
  12. 111.jpg

    ahah thank you of course, but this is in my opinion all the same exaggeration, there is still something to strive for))
  13. 7.jpg

    thank you very much, I'm very pleased)
  14. you mean the trading volume of 0.04?
  15. yes the problem was solved by itself)