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  1. YOBIT wallet update

    It's unprofessional and scammish of them. How do you feel when you go to a store and make purchases of items just to get home to discover some of the items have expired. In the scenario above, you are left with two options 1. To use every possible means of getting repayment even if it require you using legal means. 2. By accepting your fate and taking a decision of not visiting the store again cos they sell expired items. The option two is what many have resolved to do cos is the cheapest and easiest and that's the condition of yoshit. I as a person,I'm a victim of their act and I can never use them for anything again. My hard earned btc is still hanged there in some useless altcoin at the early age of my crypto life. I rest my case oooo.
  2. YOBIT wallet update

    Is that the reason they should play on the ignorance of people? . That is against business ethics @Cahoot. Many people that come into crypto don't really know how to research on a coin and depending on your number of years in crypto, everyone get burnt at one point or the other.
  3. Confiruge mining ABY with cpuminer in zpool.ca

    Mining is not for everybody.....
  4. Confiruge mining ABY with cpuminer in zpool.ca

    It's a waste of time mate, and you are also putting your lappy at a great risk.
  5. Twitter Tipping pot is down

    Just check this link
  6. Hello Artbyte community

    Great having you here mate.
  7. hello

    Hi Zoe, you are welcome to the forum. Make sure you enjoy the forum and abide by the rules of the forum.
  8. Hello Artbyte community

    You are welcome @Abylover.....I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  9. Hi ArtByte artists! I am new here....

    You are officially welcome to the forum. Go through the link below
  10. Twitter Tipping pot is down

    It's because @artistgift is temporarily restricted. It seems not a big problem.
  11. Michael Cheval | Playhouse of Quintessence

    Wow!!! So amazing. This is a decades of dedication and commitment to once gift or talent. I'm so challenged.
  12. Right time to invest in crypto

    You've just captured it perfectly. I used to be like that but not anymore. I'm a bit tough on my decisions now, especially those pertaining to my finance. DISCIPLINE!
  13. Expectation from artbyte

    Your expectation is reasonable enough and I think artbyte will achieve that with ease, even more.
  14. Daily Quotes

    Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  15. Stitches Commenting

    The designs are good. Hope payment can be done in ABY. I'll suggest you get prepared for the launch of artist profile page.