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  1. People

    Nice shots...i do this with nature, plants and animals.
  2. Opening

    This work is so deep. It can help you to imagine alot.
  3. Blue Swan

    Astonishing work. Love it.
  4. The Wall

    So beautiful. Maybe a little write up to your work will make us appreciate it better. Weldone sir.
  5. She

    Your work always on point. I have tipped you 10 aby to your address ASpsgBYCjhNdQGroecAtv2iRBNDaUwCLYG
  6. Peony Fine Art Collective

    This is nice. Hope artbyte can be adopted as well as Ascribe?
  7. Ballet books for kids

    I'll really like to get one for my kids. Didn't get the opportunity to do ballet but I'll wouldn't want them to miss that while they can.
  8. Toy For Baby

    These are beautiful. You can't help but remember those beautiful days when you were young.
  9. Hi,

    I use many tools to create fractal art. All are free. Specifically, I use mainly Mandelbulb 3D. Have fun learning.


    1. Adedunmola


      thanks. i will try my hand on it.

  10. Gulmarg

    beauty.. permission to use one or two of this as my desktop wallpaper?
  11. Atom Smaher

    pls how do you do this? fractal
  12. Birdman

    This is simply beauty.
  13. Mining Cluster

    This is exceptionally beautiful.
  14. 1

    What? Don't tell me you remembered that Romeo and juliet days