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  1. Good day dear Admin)

    Please, send me the instructions how to earn Artbytes and to create a wallet ..

    Thank you for your time.  

    p.s. Very often I receive a msge You are only allowed to upload 358.4kb.

  2. Dancing Flora

    Thank you very much for your help)
  3. Dancing Flora

    Thanks!) You'r Kind!.. What is Cryptocoins, some kind of stock market? ..Just first time giving notice to this word..)
  4. Dancing Flora

    Thank you very much, friend!!) I'm a new member to this website, will get a bit familiar, then will start to look around 2! Keep loosing my password every single time I login))))
  5. Dancing Flora

    Acrylic painting on canvas 105x45cm. London, with his aromatic colourful blooming, inspired me to create this work. It,s been sold to a collector in UK. ....Thanks to studying and work experience, Efforts & continuous Learning, I managed to turn painting as a hobby into a very enjoyable profession. I'm a self-thought artist, with unique touch and imagination, Full of plans and ambitions. Thank you for reading. And sorry, if I mess up a lines a bit.... so disorganised))
  6. Life Genius's work

    Hello friends, please, enjoy a breathtaking works by opening the links on top. I love this wonderful paintings by a very talented Artist! Do you..?!)
  7. Life Genius's work

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BTfcjPcg2cW/ http://www.antonovart.com/new-products/adventure-in-the-forest-40x40 https://www.facebook.com/alexei.antonov?hc_ref=ARRRoRnodk_Xdkg0uFJMdOtlTGWSbuzX-7kJvER6vqT7camjR1ig8WjkJlTJEB5lFbI&fref=nf
  8. flowering smoke.JPG

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  13. зимнее озеро.JPG

  14. madonna Mary and Jesus!.JPG