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  1. Crypto market is rising

    yeah i know,like i said before,it only matter about the time. in the future,its possible,even maybe i will not on that century.
  2. Crypto market is rising

    yup,i dont think fiat will replaced by crypto for next 5 years,but far from now,its possible for any reason,just see many people try to build future from imagination and put it on movie,thats will happen someday. "About instant transfer/payment there is already coins offers that. one of this coin will confirm payment in just 1.5 second." whsich coin you talking about?
  3. Crypto market is rising

    that right,the fact is that fiat still not replaced. that's why we need more effective crypto for instant transfers and payment,and i am sure you all here already have point of view which altcoin that easy to use for compete fiat. the purpose won't matter because crypto really fluctuate and easy to trade,that what i thought
  4. Crypto market is rising

    yeah you right mate,the value and the purpose of the coins are important,it makes coins keep alive and always have demand,thanks for sharing. and of course i already invest on ABY as one of good coins with market movement.
  5. Crypto market is rising

    and i tell you,i have learn some trading strategy or trick,the matter is still same,i can't pick good coins to trade,always have wrong choice,i think its a huge problem,maybe i need advisor or some group to know which coins are good to buy.
  6. Crypto market is rising

    i am not a good traders,rare to speculate coins in market,thats why sometimes i just not too care about movement,i learn from my experiance,buy coins and the price going down so long. nothing safe rising,thats right.
  7. good news,but not suprising me,and as usual,it come down again,but i am sure slowly it will makes 200 satoshi next week. and i wish,really hipe that end of year,ABY make through to $!
  8. yup,great job,the video get better,and also more aesy to load,different with last time. oh by the way,when excatly segwit gonna happen? i see on website,it happen in this year.
  9. Art Therapy | Healing

    i am new to hear this,but honestly,your first picture have a sense,yes just like hypno therapy or what people call,i dont too understand. but,anyway,thanks for sharing with us,this is new for me. will glad to googling about this.
  10. yup,great job,the video get better,and also more aesy to load,different with last time. oh by the way,when excatly segwit gonna happen? i see on website,it happen in this year.
  11. How to earn free Artbytes?

    peoples here suggest you to earn free artbyte by posting in this forum,that was nice idea,and i will suggest you to try mine artbyte if you have familiar in cryptocurrency. have a good work mate
  12. hi to all good people here

    welcome to the forum,and welcome to the family,as an artist,you dont need to hasitate to show up your art,your talent or anything related art. wish you succes here and anywhere..
  13. better and cooler,i think this new website more match with Artbyte logo,black and have red touch. also futuristic i think. just like new token and coins nowdays,have a video background.
  14. hi sujith,i want to learn about market speculation,can you tell me what application is that? you can pm me if you want
  15. Hello from Barbados

    great photo mate,i love simple and soft colors,it always unique to see photos with calm color and touch.