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  1. Hi, Admin . The last weeks my Reddit account did not get his bonus except 1 day from the whole week and my twitter account no bonus for 3 days now . Can you please check is every thing is running .
  2. So the tipping will be for only 5 days a week ? Monday , Thursday , Wednesday , Teusday and Friday and tips made on Saturday , Sunday will not be paid ?
  3. Hi admin can you please check twitter pot it is down I think .
  4. Congratulation on the new website , I loved it .
  5. I have been tipping on Reddit non stop this past days , did I lost this tips? You had to post on Reddit itself sir so all can see it . !
  6. Web wallet not working again

    Was about to post this , But thanks it is working now .
  7. Tipping on Twitter

    I did not get my tipping until now and I think there is something wrong with online web wallet too . Can you please check . I have sent an email with my tips and nothing
  8. Congratulations sir very nice work .
  9. Tipping on Twitter

    Same here not tip back since 2 days , Hope things is okay
  10. Are the reddit event will continue soon ? I tipped one time after I saw a post saying I can tip then bot broke again I guess ! .
  11. Hi Sir the withdraw request from 30 December did no processed yet !!!
  12. thanks a lot and goodluck hope reddit tipping will be back ASAP
  13. every thing seems work perfect lately
  14. They work when you speak with them for one day then start miss again . It happened again
  15. To be honest the support is one of the most helpful support I came cross . They reply fast and always doing good job . All my transaction that was stuck got paid to me same day I sent to support