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  1. It has been a good and fulfilling experience to join the Artbyte community forum, learned a lot from the very friendliest and kind community members and admins of Artbyte forum I will treasure this experience and bring it to every forum that I will be a member of! See you guys on to the next level of Artbyte the Artist Profile Social Website. Thank you so much!
  2. T-shirt Designs

    Very nice designs, getting some ideas to print t-shirts! Thanks!
  3. Geisha

    Really awesome fine art, thanks for sharing your videos for us to appreciate the hard work of creating a very fine artwork.
  4. Daily Quotes

    Indeed! When I always see or hear the word "Change" I tell to myself always that change is not too late for me to become a better person...
  5. I nominate myself...

    Good artwork on your wixsite, awesome charcoal painting skills!
  6. Market is showing up trend

    The crypto currency market is having a lot of downs for quite sometime now, hopefully we will see a more solid uptrend soon.
  7. Mixing oil colours to get green

    Thank you for this awesome lessons on oil mixing colors.
  8. Very nice digital artwork installation, very entertaining to see the video.
  9. hi everybody

    Welcome @brianxv good to know you are also one of those artist that are crypto enthusiast as well!
  10. Hollow Knight

    Good share, very entertaining game!
  11. Portrait of a young woman

    A good video to watch and learn. Good job!
  12. Ballet as a child

    Great collection of Ballet when digital cameras are not yet around!
  13. home of artist Jackson Pollock limits visitors

    Some history that must be shown, grateful for your sharing this to us!
  14. Daily Quotes

    Indeed it will also make a poor man more worst by giving in to this very difficult to fight attitude.
  15. buying artbyte

    That is a wise choice to hold and add more Artbyte coins by buying, I support your good choice!
  16. Update on Forum Rank Bonuses

    Thats great and congratulations on your patience, Artbyte team and admins are really generous in delivering their promises!
  17. Update on Forum Rank Bonuses

    Yes keep your patience and you will surely receive the bonus from the admins, it takes some time but it will come!
  18. CrisCaina - Photography

    Good photos especially taken on a film based cameras, very grateful to see those shots of yours, thank you for sharing!
  19. Birthday Photoshoot

    Great shot, looks like a tall doll or a mannequin!
  20. I'm reading this book right now...

    Love to read a good book again I miss the adventures or reading!
  21. click the link

    Hopefully because the crypto economy have been a lot of rough time this year, let us be patient for a long term investors and enthusiast on crypto currency!
  22. Daily Quotes

    Every new day is an adventure of life and a challenge to be a good person, that we have the choice to do what is good to ourselves and to our neighbors!
  23. Donkey Face

    Thats the look of a strong and a hardworking donkey!
  24. Mining or trading which is best

    Holding our aby incentives for a long term investment is one way to get rich once aby is worth a dollar!
  25. Hello

    Way to go friend, enjoy the Artbyte forum!