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  1. It has been a good and fulfilling experience to join the Artbyte community forum, learned a lot from the very friendliest and kind community members and admins of Artbyte forum I will treasure this experience and bring it to every forum that I will be a member of! See you guys on to the next level of Artbyte the Artist Profile Social Website. Thank you so much!
  2. @icartzz

    Thank you for sharing your artworks!
  3. Study drawing

    I like the portraits of this dogs! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Saint Ignatius Church

    Awesome, the effects of an old painting done to it is awesome!
  5. Digital works

    Good Digital Works!
  6. Just a little sample of Watercolors

    Amazing talent you have on creating these artworks from using water color, thank you for sharing to the Artbyte community! Welcome and a privilege to see you here!

    Awesome technique, you really are a gifted one!
  8. Halloween Background With Porcelain Doll

    Amazing you really have a lot of porcelain doll collections, great photos also!
  9. My wrks

    Great artwork, thanks for showing it to the artbyte community!
  10. illustrations

    Your are really good in illustrating the other dark side of human imagination
  11. Spider

    nice image looks like a wooden carved spider
  12. Porcelain Dolls

    Nice collections!
  13. A Peak of Heavens

    I remeber that there are sands in the heavens!
  14. Light comprises its moments

    Great painting, very unique artwork!
  15. Pink whisper in the sky (work in progress)

    Your work are a awesome, and I think you paint non-stop!
  16. Poem Catcher

    Nice title for a very awesome painting!
  17. Into the Woods Series

    Awesome nature surroundings artwork!
  18. boababs in madagascar homework pic.PNG

    Wow surrounded by giant boababs amazing how small people compared to those giant trees!
  19. Phogarty (Photographic Art Gallery)

    Thank you for sharing your awesome gallery!
  20. 983814_665376973570325_4313949909967413650_n.jpg

    The Dark Knight!
  21. Short Stories

    Awesome quotes! Thanks for sharing!
  22. F2RioFerreira9.jpg

    This is just an amazing piece, very unique!
  23. RioGeres1.jpg

    Imagine what a camera can do, preserve some work of art on an ordinary sidewalk!
  24. 3RioFerreira5.jpg

    awesome frame, very impressive!
  25. 5RioRamil1.jpg

    Nice peacock tail water falls!