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  1. Self-introduction

    Thank you for sharing your photos of your beautiful country, glad to meet you too and welcome to the Artbyte community!
  2. Hello! I am a musician.

    Welcome to the Artbyte community and nice to know you are a musician glad to meet your here on the Artbyte forum!
  3. Visibility for Artists and Authors

    Welcome to the Artbyte community and enjoy the friendliest forum for artist, enthusiast and crypto enthusiast as well!
  4. My latest digital portrait

    Awesome, thank you for showing your artwork with us!
  5. Congratulations Brother! It is a privilege to see your work of art that may last for the time that is infinite!
  6. Hello ArtByte Community!

    good for you that your loving your talent, welcome to the artbyte community!
  7. Update on Forum Rank Bonuses

    Congrats to all the members who are active and have been doing their part to gain more points and leveling up on the Artbyte forum and hopefully we all meet at the top!
  8. Congratulations @Gates you deserve our congratulations as your co-members here on the Artbyte forum, job well done!
  9. New ArtByter!

    Welcom to the Artbyte community @Jessique hope you will enjoyn being here on the Artbyte forum!
  10. This means that the crypto currency is very much well and kicking, looking forward that the whole crypto world will rejoice when the top 100 coins and tokens will reach an all time high cap on the coin market!
  11. hello i just join

    Welcome @fredsam to the Artbyte community, we are glad you joined the forum and with your talents in the arts we are much excited to see your artworks displayed here on the forum!
  12. Henlo.

    Welcome to the Artbyte community @Tenpai you will surely be awesome here on the forum with your talent. Looking forward to see your digital artworks here on the forum!
  13. Denis Chernov, 1978 | Figurative  painter

    Awesome portraits, thank you for sharing those work of art!
  14. Nice hope every art enthusiast would freely go to that awesome place!

    Awesome on grayscale work of art!
  16. Do You Dare - Story Sample

    Wow good story for a horror/thriller page of your book!
  17. What is wrong

    Rewards are getting so much time to receive unlike when members are not this many, hope that you have more patience to wait for your rewards and I am hoping that you will soon receive it. On my experience for my last reward it took about 3 months before I receive my patron incentive now I am holding my aby coins and hold till it hits a good price on the exchange!
  18. This is awesome, this shows that the Artbyte development teams are really into something that will really make a change in the Art community around the wolrd, good job you are really awesome!
  19. Daily Quotes

    Indeed even kids and teens now do not have the proper respect to older people when they are busy in front of their gadgets!
  20. Just Join

    Welcome to the Artbyte community brother hope you will be able to share your artistry on the forum!
  21. Dark Indigo fashion photography...

    Awesome photos, thank you for sharing your work here on the forum!
  22. Adolphe Valette | Urban landscapes of Manchester

    Thanks for sharing this priceless artworks by Adolphe Valette that have already lasted the test of time, even sharing this on the forum gives me the feeling that this artist is still alive with his works being shown to the entire world gives living proof to Adolphe Valette!
  23. Daily Quotes

    It is better to enter a house of mourning than a house of feasting, since death is the end of every man, and the living should take this to heart. Ecclesiastes 7:2
  24. Daily Quotes

    Indeed, we only have one life and time passes so quickly!
  25. Awesome Artworks, and congratulations for winning the week 16 artist showcase! Thank you for sharing with us your priceless artworks!