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  1. Dark Indigo fashion photography...

    Awesome photos, thank you for sharing your work here on the forum!
  2. Adolphe Valette | Urban landscapes of Manchester

    Thanks for sharing this priceless artworks by Adolphe Valette that have already lasted the test of time, even sharing this on the forum gives me the feeling that this artist is still alive with his works being shown to the entire world gives living proof to Adolphe Valette!
  3. Daily Quotes

    It is better to enter a house of mourning than a house of feasting, since death is the end of every man, and the living should take this to heart. Ecclesiastes 7:2
  4. Daily Quotes

    Indeed, we only have one life and time passes so quickly!
  5. Awesome Artworks, and congratulations for winning the week 16 artist showcase! Thank you for sharing with us your priceless artworks!
  6. Awesome Street Artwork! Congratulations for the Week 16 showcase winner Fabian Zolar!
  7. Website Advice

    Wow this is another awesome development that will really boost Artbyte ecosystem to the worldwide artist community!
  8. Reflection - Graphite & Charcoal

    Awesome, another masterpiece you are really a very good and unique artist!
  9. Hello artbyte

    Great and welcome to the Artbyte community! Will be looking forward on the progress of your art skills to be shared here on the Artbyte forum, and also enjoy the many activities here on the forum and meet the friendly and talented members of the community!
  10. Very nice, amazing that even on the virtual world the focusing of the image can be perfectly be photographed.
  11. New ArtByte Video

    Artbyte is really doing great and very much alive this video even though it is only a minute and seven second tells a lot of information about the people who are active community members of the Artbyte population. Very glad and much grateful that I am a member and belong to the Artbyte community!

    Hello and welcome to the Artbyte community, enjoy the forum and meet a lot of friendly and talented members of the Artbyte community!
  13. Celtic Music - Insects and Breeze

    Thank you so much for sharing it @ACE Fantasy !
  14. ACE Fantasy

    Hi and welcome to the Artbyte community, very nice of you to join the community of artists and enthusiast as well!
  15. Study drawing

    I like the portraits of this dogs! Thanks for sharing.
  16. Is This True?? artist life ???

    Society now are more into material things, however this material things wont last longer compared to a good work of art that might probably last milleniums and gives importance and meaning of life to the artist who created that masterpiece and the whole humans that are living on that generation!
  17. Yahoo Finance article

    When it comes to the price stability of Artbyte in the market I agree that Artbyte leads in the cryptocurrency industry in terms of return of investment!
  18. More of this will be a good promotional tools for the Artbyte ecosystem now and in the future!
  19. Back read the article, very much convinced of the long term project of Artbyte now and in the future!
  20. Well deserved winning! Congratulations! Apologies for the delayed greeting!
  21. I'm here

    Hi and Welcome to the Artbyte community, looking forward to know and see your talent in the arts here on the forum! Enjoy and meet a lot of friendly and talented members of the Artbyte forum!
  22. Betta fish drawing coloured

    Great! Thanks for the link, I am searching and creating some artistic designs to print on shirts!
  23. A hello

    Hello and welcome to the Artbyte community, hope you are doing great on your endeavor, very nice art work and thanks for sharing it here!
  24. Betta fish drawing coloured

    Very nice, I like it to print it on a shirt!
  25. Daily Quotes

    "It's unfair to yourself to keep trying to justify why you're holding onto toxicity. There are lessons in letting go and moving on." If you know you have toxic things in your life and you know you're holding on, you know you need to let go.