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  1. Spider

    nice image looks like a wooden carved spider
  2. Porcelain Dolls

    Nice collections!
  3. "A Peak of Heavens"

    I remeber that there are sands in the heavens!
  4. Light comprises its moments

    Great painting, very unique artwork!
  5. My Artwork

    Good job and an awesome painting
  6. "Pink whisper in the sky" (work in progress)

    Your work are a awesome, and I think you paint non-stop!
  7. As aby coin is on the exchanges it will always follow the flow of the rule of trading mainly the supply and demand so it is normal that the price of aby will increase and sometimes decrease. However according to coinmarketcap for aby stats it is still looking good there is still 2.02 percent increase in the USD exchange!
  8. Introduction

    Hello and welcome to the artbyte forum! Enjoy and have a good future as an artist here on the forum community!
  9. HI EVERYONE!! I'm Joan!

    Very nice drawing, and welcome to the artbyte forum!
  10. Poem Catcher

    Nice title for a very awesome painting!
  11. Into the Woods Series

    Awesome nature surroundings artwork!
  12. Yes it should be functioning well once your hardware wallet is synced on the artbyte blockchain. Just do not forget to back-up your wallet.dat and keep it on a safe and multiple back-ups!
  13. Hello, I'm Sarah

    Welcom to the artbyte forum @SarahStudio, great website by the way, and awesome graphics!
  14. Hello: niwdeyen

    Welcome to the artbyte forum, right the community is great!
  15. Welcome bro! Artist or not all are welcome here on the Artbyte forum, glat to meet you here on the community!