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  1. am newcomer

    Hello and welcome to the artbyte forum, its a bit slow on the forum but hopefully soon it will be back to normal, enjoy being on the forum and read the important topics for new members!
  2. Intro

    Hello Bro, welcome to the artbyte forum, feel free to surf on the subject links to learn the ins on becoming active on the forum!
  3. Introducing

    Welcome and feel free to visit the link for new members it will really help you a lot to start and get going here on the artybyte forum, thanks for joining us here on the community!
  4. hello to everyone from Turkey

    Welcome to the artbyte forum Sir, hoping that you will enjoy being with fellow artist, art enthusiast and regular people around the Artbyte community!
  5. Hello! from a newbie!

    Welcome here on the Artbyte forum, yes sometimes we just stumble upon something that we are new into but in the long run we will be able to go along and learn many more from it just like here on the Artbyte forum.
  6. im the new guy here ;)

    Welcome and congratulations in finding the Artbyte forum, need more members here on the Artbyte forum, promoting artbyte is good even on the other side of the forums!
  7. Hai im newbie..im from indonesia

    Welcome to the ArtByte forum, you will meet a lot of friends here especially with artistic talents and even art enthusiast with the aby coin as the cryptocurrency.
  8. I needs urgent answer

    Natural calamities are getting worse every year, being careful and always being prepared with the natural calamities that comes in every country is now a necessity.
  9. bonus for rank

    What I mean is, I have observed for me that rank bonuses is not being given to the members just like mine because I have not received my previous rank rewards apologies if I used the word suspended! I hope that this will not become an issue, I am still supporting the artbyte community even though not receiving my previous rank bonus.
  10. bonus for rank

    I have observed for quite sometime now that the rank bonuses have been suspended, anyway hopefully that the artbyte coin after many updates will not falter on its race against the many ethereum tokens that is similar or copying the platform of artbyte...
  11. Hello.

    Welcome here on the artbyte forum, seasons really are changing fast, you will really meet artist all over the world here even the season and months pass so fast!
  12. Lost in thought

    Sometimes, and it will really comfort me when stress really visits me in wrong time at the wrong place, got to feel a relief though!

    Awesome technique, you really are a gifted one!
  14. Awesome and that place is in Indonesia, great, thanks for taking that photo and sharing!
  15. frankvex - my work

    Awesome photos!