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  1. Twitter bot is down !

    Thanks a lot boss . But my tweets from Saterday until now did not rewarded until now too
  2. Hi is twitter bot down for anyone ?
  3. Web wallet not working again

    Hi sir as written on title the web wallet is not working again . I can press send but nothing happen after that . please can you check this !
  4. Twitter tipping issues

    any update on this? i still did not get my tips the tipping stopped for now or what?
  5. Twitter tipping issues

    the problem is back again once again no tipping i tipped sunday and got nothing until now i am sorry to say that but i think it is time to find another one that can really do his/her job maybe get reddit staff member doing twitter too
  6. Twitter tipping issues

    again tipping for 2 days then get one day bonus only i think the new staff take bonus for them self hope admin fix this
  7. Twitter tipping issues

    Sorry to say but looks like this new staff member do not how to do her job yet . lost my tips 2 times and no double . Will stop tipping for now until things get fixed .
  8. Amazing Football Dance & Dab ● HD

    I really enjoyed the dance in this video
  9. Stuck transaction

    Ya I had same problem and it is working good since yesterday
  10. congratulation yuko very nice work
  11. Ya it is very easy to test it is working .
  12. ArtByte Roadmap discussions

    Great roadmap hope all of it become true
  13. Hi everyone

    Hi and welcome to the forum .
  14. Thanks Admin will join too .
  15. Wow look at the price now . But we can not say it is real growth because that was where artbyte was before getting down it was ( 270-330 ) for so long then down to 130-170 . So I think now it back to its normal price I just hope we see 1000 at the end of this year .