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  1. Mining Bonus

    and how is the work progressing on the final payouts? Been a couple weeks which was the time frame I believe. I know there is a lot going on in the ArtByte world, but it's good to close one chapter before opening another
  2. The problem of withrawal ABY to Cryptopia

    looks good from here as well
  3. Unknown blocked mined

    That's what I assumed as well.
  4. Unknown blocked mined

    If you would have read, I corrected myself and already said that....
  5. Unknown blocked mined

    I take that back..ABY and BTC offline
  6. Unknown blocked mined

    Haven't been there all day, but just logged in and all seems fine.
  7. Unknown blocked mined

    Exactly, it freaks people out..if they are using the segwit enabled newest wallet, maybe that message should be suppressed, or clarified.
  8. Unknown blocked mined

    I haven't been in there recently so didn't see it. Thanks for the clarification. Should that warning appear in the latest wallet though?
  9. Words that contain aby

    There are no winners or losers...are there? So what are you mumbling about
  10. Unknown blocked mined

    Warning: Unknown block versions being mined! It's possible unknown rules are in effect Great, YOU know what it is, we don't..a general "don't worry" isn't enough...maybe you could clarify a bit? Maybe you shouldn't display a warning if it can't be clearer or you don't want to explain, many users don't come to the forum.
  11. Words that contain aby

    lost opportunities...
  12. Words that contain aby

  13. Like when it will be released?
  14. Why would anyone want to prevent that?
  15. Always happens to me

    Always... usually by the time I can write it down, a different though comes and I lose it! I now carry a small recorder