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  1. Haha yes I also ran into that problem. You need to use the link here in this topic to login, I don't think they made a link to the login page from the main page yet.
  2. Yes it's almost hidden now. You need to find your profile in the list of users and click on it. Make sure you are logged in. Then on your profile you see a media tab. Click on this tab and on the next screen there will be an upload link.
  3. And two more: When I log in I get tree options "View Activity", "Meet Other Members" and Join Artist Groups. Maybe it would be a good idea to add an option here something in the line of "Upload New Art" to quickly go to the upload media page. At thing moment I need to locate my own profile to get to the media tab when I want to upload a new picture. The second thing is when you go to the upload media page and select a file to upload the "Start Upload" button gets visible. But if you remove the items now the "Start Upload" button remains visible even though there are no files selected to upload.
  4. A New thing I just found. When I look at a profile and go to the user's media page the breadcrumb shows "ArtByte (ABY) > Blog" in stead of "ArtByte (ABY) > Member name"
  5. :') One more thing I found. When posting a status update the post button does not give any feedback (tested on Chrome) I Clicked the button a bunch of times because I thought it was not working. After I refreshed the page I had a whole list of duplicate status updates I had to delete one by one.
  6. I've registered an account and uploaded two images and a profile picture. My findings so far: - The ArtByte wallet address is visible to the public. I See privacy problems with this. I Think a better way to do this is: When someone tips an artist via the artist profile page the tip should be collected by the ArtByte foundation. There should be a threshold before the artist receives the tips, for example 100 ArtBytes. There can be two ways to pay out the artists, one is automatically, for example once every week/day/month, an artist can enter a wallet address where the payments should go to. The second way is for the artist to manually collect the funds to an address he/she enters at that moment. By doing it this way the artist's wallet address is not being published publicly and his/her privacy is being kept. An extra benefit to using a system like this is that the ArtByte foundation can take a small percentage of the funds the artists receive to pay for the running costs of the website. Maybe something like 2-3% for every transaction made. - There is currently no group for illustrators. I've registered myself under painters but a lot of my work falls under the illustration category. - When I wanted to upload my first image I got a message stating "There is no media found in the request" My image uploaded fine after I clicked on the upload button though. - The buttons in the upload media page look disabled due to the gray font color and the gray button color. Also I think the upload button is a bit confusing. The image I wanted to upload appeared below the selection box but the upload button appeared above the image. Moving the upload button below the image you are about to upload will make it more clear that you need to press that button to upload the image. The first time I wanted to upload the image I did not see the upload button and did not know why my image was not uploaded. - I Don't see a way to navigate trough the groups yet. I Assume this will come in the future.
  7. Nature, Travel & Landscape Photographer

    I'm amazed by what beautiful nature is so close by. When I think of places like this I always picture them in a country far away. Is it a busy park? The picture is very nicely done. I Like the longer exposure time to get the waterfalls to look like that.
  8. I Think the biggest thing ArtByte can do for smaller artists is make it easy to sell their art trough their platform. But I think that is already on the ArtByte roadmap. I Would love to see more ideas on how a platform for the ownership could be implemented on the ArtByte blockchain.
  9. Yes I know. That's a hard issue to deal with. But if it is made by a well known artist then you could easily add references on your official website.
  10. You might also be able to embed some sort of id code into an image if it's a digital image and for physical art you could add an qr code.
  11. Betta fish I - final drawing

    Must have taken you ages to create all that detail. Nice work!
  12. Digital paint made entirely out of HTML & CSS

    Yes I read about this in the news this week. It looks cool. I Would think it's a lot of work. You would not be able to sell an artwork like this so I think the artist must have so very high dedication to have been able to create it.
  13. ovko - New Media Artist

    Very nice. So your work is a combination of traditional and digital? Maybe you can explain your process a bit more, I would find it interesting to read. Congrats on winning the weekly showcase!
  14. I See. That would make sense. You would have to be careful when buying art then. You would have to know that there is a token associated with that artwork.
  15. I Also remember reading about this. I Think they wanted to create an option to register authorship. I Find the idea very interesting but I don't really know how it will work.