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  1. Forest Spirit

    Thank you!
  2. Space man

    I Never made prints of my work before. I Don't have the best printer but if you want I can see what the results are if I print it on photo paper. Send me a pm and we can talk about it. Might be fun to exchange a print for some ArtBytes.
  3. Space man

    Ow I don't know. The little prince is high on my books to read list. So maybe or maybe not, I don't know haha.
  4. Space man

    I've not written the story down yet. It's about a spaceman who lives in a house in space.
  5. Forest Spirit

    Thank you
  6. Dream.

    I Really like your paintings. They almost look like photo manipulations. How long do you work on a painting?
  7. Planet volcanoes.jpg

    Cool, so it is based on a book. BTW, you just quoted yourself. :')
  8. Space man

    Thank you for the nice words! Also, it's always nice if people agree with you haha.
  9. Planet volcanoes.jpg

    It looks cool! Can you explain a bit more what is happening in the picture?
  10. I Really like the colors you used in the skin. The fact that you used yellows and blues. It makes it more vibrant.
  11. Springtime

  12. Secret Garden Umbrella

    Cool! I Like how colorful it is! Do you hand paint each umbrella?
  13. I'm eating this!

    Awww, he's cute!
  14. Rabbits

    Thank you!