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  1. I Think the biggest thing ArtByte can do for smaller artists is make it easy to sell their art trough their platform. But I think that is already on the ArtByte roadmap. I Would love to see more ideas on how a platform for the ownership could be implemented on the ArtByte blockchain.
  2. Yes I know. That's a hard issue to deal with. But if it is made by a well known artist then you could easily add references on your official website.
  3. That's a lot of forum posts! Nice to see there are so many active members here.
  4. You might also be able to embed some sort of id code into an image if it's a digital image and for physical art you could add an qr code.
  5. Betta fish I - final drawing

    Must have taken you ages to create all that detail. Nice work!
  6. Digital paint made entirely out of HTML & CSS

    Yes I read about this in the news this week. It looks cool. I Would think it's a lot of work. You would not be able to sell an artwork like this so I think the artist must have so very high dedication to have been able to create it.
  7. ovko - New Media Artist

    Very nice. So your work is a combination of traditional and digital? Maybe you can explain your process a bit more, I would find it interesting to read. Congrats on winning the weekly showcase!
  8. I See. That would make sense. You would have to be careful when buying art then. You would have to know that there is a token associated with that artwork.
  9. I Also remember reading about this. I Think they wanted to create an option to register authorship. I Find the idea very interesting but I don't really know how it will work.
  10. Nice work and congrats!
  11. Nature, Travel & Landscape Photographer

    Again a beautiful picture. I Like the long exposure time, it gives a very dynamic feeling to the sky and the road below the Eiffeltower.
  12. Nice! All the extra publicity is good news for ArtByte.
  13. Layout of the forum

    The strange thing is that the theme worked fine in the past. So either the theme css has changed or the browsers got updated and are now rendering the site differently.
  14. A young woman portrait

    Very nice and an unusual way of shading.
  15. ArtByte on Pinterest

    Are these only pins of artists that shown interest to ABY?