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  1. The Dark Season

    It fluctuates a bit, but usually the dark season means I am going into hibernation. Sometimes, for a few precious moments, I come up for a breath of fresh air and inspiration might strike briefly before I slumber again. Can't wait until spring! ? I'd love to say it's a season for introspection and going inside myself, but the darkness feels more numbing than freeing. Summer's where it's at!
  2. Serge "xSync" Garm

    That landscape is unreal! And so sharp, yet dreamy. Amazin
  3. Tory

    Fantastic colour contrast here, with her bright orange hari and vibrant blue dress.
  4. My Paintings

    This is some awesome stencil work. (if it is stencils?) Never seen this subject matter in this style before. It's usually western, urban motifs, not Indian culture.
  5. High on Mountains


    The top right one, the guy with closed eyes and a smile - that shot is solid.
  7. Dogeflow is cool ? Never seen the effect used on a line drawing like that before. Also, the logos aren't bad at all!
  8. minor arcana

    The first one reminds me of blotter paper.
  9. Flamenco.jpg

    Like with your hiphop dancer, the dynamicism in this is sublime. Love it!
  10. Hip-hop Dancer 2.jpg

    Love the pose and impressionistic style. And I'm a sucker for dark blue/purple colours ☺
  11. Abstract1.jpg

    this reminds me of a dream I had. I think…
  12. What does creativity mean to you?

    Creativity for me is anything that is not routine. Maybe it is a too broad a definition, but I have come to recognise creativity in most anything we do (again, that is not purely routine).
  13. Bridges - The way to connect people

    Ah, yes. I didn't connect immediately. Maybe because I was focusing on bridges over rivers, over water. Then again, roads are like rivers themselves, with flowing traffic.
  14. CrisCaina - Photography

    The red liquid latex on the completely black body is definitely my favourite. But you can also never go wrong with striped light, like in the original post ☺
  15. Bridges - The way to connect people

    Bridges are certainly a good way to help commerce grow. But yea, connecting people as well. And a bridge connects you to yourself. How many times haven you not stopped on a bridge, taken a break looking at the water as well as looking inwards?