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  1. I think you mean: https://www.shopvida.com/collections/voices/don-mays vida.com is a health coaching app :-)
  2. Unable to set up wallet for windows

    Just a quick follow up. All good. Now mining. Thanks! :-)
  3. Unable to set up wallet for windows

    It was Avast so I disabled it and downloaded the wallet via your link. Thank you for all your help! It's now syncing. :-)
  4. Hi there, When I click on any of my notifications I get an error message saying "you don't have perrmissions for that" and that the member that liked a post I made is longer active. Not sure if that's an issue but thought i'd mention it. screenshot here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VeK8Csov_6i2D-ZuOkrbtQOP2lkfwNiz7W_6uxwehgU/edit?usp=sharing Thanks Alison
  5. Unable to set up wallet for windows Seems Avast is blocking it. Can't even download it form the server as you suggested. See here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14xv0W744ff-dR4BoVX0c9glzyhR-VyOUmrNePD8Zmfs/edit Thanks
  6. Unable to set up wallet for windows

    Hello admin, I took a screenshot of the error. I used Firefox this time. https://docs.google.com/document/d/14xv0W744ff-dR4BoVX0c9glzyhR-VyOUmrNePD8Zmfs/edit?usp=sharing I can see it's trying to connect to this page. Should there a new page for Artbyte? http://orchard.applebyte.me/artbyte- Thanks Alison
  7. Unable to set up wallet for windows

    I used the windows link on the main artbyte.me site under "Get Started". I tried it in Chrome and in Explorer. I'll try Firefox as well to see if that makes any difference. In the artbyte Github, the exe file wasn't there. Will try again later tonight and let you know in more detail. Thanks :-)
  8. Hi there, I'm trying to download a full wallet app for Windows but I'm getting a message saying "This site can't be reached". Also comes up with a malware notification in Avast. Also tried to download from Artbyte on Github, but couldn't find the the exe file. Thanks Alison :-)
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm an artist living in Melbourne Austraila. :-) ArtByte address: AG1AaXr1NSeqBu1XeVTWC9Te8AkoDZ7fGp
  10. Hello all, My name is Alison Quine. I have been interested in Bitcoin, Altcoins for a couple years. I attend the weekly Bitcoin meetup group in Melbourne. I was updating my Linkedin profile recently and happend to find a Bitcoin related group where Mike (the founder of ArtByte) had posted an article. I had no idea this even existed but it's a fabulous concept. I'll be sharing this with all the artists I know and at our meetup group! Oh and I also like to paint. :-) ArtByte address: AG1AaXr1NSeqBu1XeVTWC9Te8AkoDZ7fGp
  11. Dreamscape Series

    Intuitive paintings that consist of building up several layers over a couple of weeks. Usually quite messy and have very ugly teenage phases, then somehow they seem to magically evolve into colorful urban dreamscape type visions. I really enjoyed creating these pieces and I hope they bring the viewers much joy. :-)