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  1. Daily Quotes

    “The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty.” – Winston Churchill
  2. GPU's mining work on with Artbyte ? earlier it was allowing personal computer mining but i think that don't work anymore but does the GPU mining work for Artbyte ?
  3. My new Watercolor work in process

    awesome to be least.. how you guys do that.. i tried it once and i failed badly.. never went back to it.
  4. Better Late Than Never

    actually i have the same feeling about myself.. i not only missed the artbyte but infact missed all the cryptoworld and only joined it as lata as 2017 despite the fact that i had been spending 14/15 hours of my day with computers from 2006 but still.. and i regret it big time
  5. The Growth of the ArtByte Forum

    well it has a great future.. thats what the stats prove.. but just like any other coin, Artbyte is also dependent on the trend of Bitcoin,.. but i believe soon this thing will break for all the coins.. once the cryptos take the full charge along with fiat then all the coins will have a different course of action
  6. ArtByte Vs BTC Vs LTC Vs ETH

    oh i mistakenly typed it altcoin,.. i was actually referring to our beloved artbyte.. i think it'll make progress and will go at the top of the food chain but for that it needs a stable growth for a while.. but so far so good..
  7. ArtByte Vs BTC Vs LTC Vs ETH

    well i think the comparision is not fair.. Altcoin is an awesome coin but to put it against the lights of ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin is a bit harsh.. they are the back bone of the cryptoworld but Artbyte will beat them but at this time, it still needs good progress but it has all the ingredients and it will achieve heights which the others haven't achieved yet...
  8. Better Late Than Never

    yeah i was late too.. but i m still happy that i made it here......
  9. Confiruge mining ABY with cpuminer in zpool.ca

    But i can't afford GPU's
  10. Confiruge mining ABY with cpuminer in zpool.ca

    Is it possible to mine Artbytes on CPU or laptop ? i mean there is a miner option in the wallet, can it be used and what are the fields to be filled with ?
  11. Share your quote/inspiration words

    There is nothing FoolProof against Intelligent fools
  12. Hello friends... I am an old cryptoguy and joined this forum sometime back but never was active. But from now on i'll be an active and effective part of this community. I also gave my intro yesterday but i think i put it in the wrong section so here i am again introducing myself again. My Artbyte address : AJduSke9ycPENfHfXGQ2piQeATEfq1fZvG
  13. I transferred 80 artbytes to the wallet address that was shown in twitter and i send them to the wallet but i never received them at the twitter wallet . i waited for 24 hours believing that it might take some time but even after 24 hours its still not being shown there. Following are the attachments. Plz check.
  14. Sunset

    awesome shot.. keep them coming
  15. I'm reading this book right now...

    i prefer movies more then books.. that can grab more of ur interest
  16. How to earn free Artbytes?

    I also have a question that i need to know.. i want to know if the rank rewards of this forum are automatic or are they needed to be asked once you achieve the rank ? I mean i think i qualify for a newbie bonus award but either i m missing something or is there some technical issues ?
  17. Twitter not showing my Artbytes

    Ok and thankyou for the guidance..
  18. Twitter not showing my Artbytes

    the current jpg is as follows
  19. ArtByte lover from Pakistan

    Thanks all of you
  20. How can i claim my 50 artbytes ? for joining  the forum. Actually i never added the wallet address and never introduced myself earlier. though i am part of the forum for a while but was not active but now i have made an introduction post and will remain active. 

    my wallet address : AJduSke9ycPENfHfXGQ2piQeATEfq1fZvG

  21. Tipping on Twitter

    So the procedure is 1. Deposit artbytes in twitter account. 2. Tip through tweet. 3. ? you don't have to tell bot your wallet address to get back double balance ? how to do that ? or is the bot going to do it on ?
  22. The Crypto Guy

    Hello every1. I m Sohail Ishaque From Pakistan. And i love doing crypto business.. though new in it but i have a lot of knowledge and now a little bit of courage also to invest in Cryptocurrencies.
  23. ArtByte passes $10,000,000 in value!

    what is the future of Artbyte.. i mean can it ever b in the top 10 ?