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  1. Frank Huurman

    Thanks! and thanks again Will share the link to this forum and try to get more artists on board
  2. Frank Huurman

    Hey everyone, I'm Frank Huurman, a producer and musician based in Groningen(the Netherlands). My projects are very diverse, ranging from making my own music to making music for other people their animations, dvd menu's, time-lapses and YouTube intro's. People tell me that my music or sounds usually work great for games. These days I'm mostly working on instrumentals for Hiphop/Rap artists rather than releasing music of my own. Though I'm currently setting up a music production studio to get back to my own music and release an album myself in the coming year. Most of that album will contain music played by myself(guitar/drums/piano/violin/saxophone) with classical and indie rock influences. I'm also working on music and sounds for a game called Draggy Town. Here are some bits and pieces of what I've worked on: https://play.spotify.com/track/3cBN2STaLh71EN0D7gHBDT http://www.suzannetalens.nl/portfolio/logo-animatie-tj-today/ https://soundcloud.com/linesoflatitude A lot of my music and projects can't be found online(yet) so message me if you want to hear more! Have an awesome day! My ArtByte address: AYGH72jTCN3oJMGNeFGcY1Eqo4mgNC5APh