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  1. Horse Digital, A4

    Congratulations! You are this week's showcase winner! We sent you 5,000 ABY!
  2. The purpose of our Artist Section is to provide an easy way for artists & fans to connect. ArtByte is the cool digital currency created to support artists of all types - More details on our main page: http://artbyte.me For your free listing and link to your work in our artist forum, just follow these simple steps: Find your appropriate section (Musician, Actor, etc.) here: Artist Listing Create a forum account (see Create Account button, top right of this page) or login, if you have an account Post a link to your work: website, social media, or youtube video, etc. in all sections that apply. Be sure & include you ArtByte Wallet Address Artist Listing Then if you want your fans to support you with ArtByte donations, get your ArtByte wallet address & post it with your link: ArtByte Online Wallet
  3. This week's Artist Showcase winner is ovko, a contemporary visual artist from the USA! He is the winner of 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured all week on ArtByte's 150,000+ social media! You can see more of his work here on the ArtByte Forum.
  4. Want to know more about ArtByte and digital currency? Just go to the main site: http://artbyte.me
  5. As our Roadmap says, during this year we are developing free Artist Profile pages that include the ability for artists to receive tips and sell work for ArtBytes. The profile pages will include galleries for each artist, allowing them to upload images, audio, and video files. Artists typically pay $5 - $30 per month for profile pages on art related sites. We are pleased to offer them for free, sponsored by the ArtByte Foundation. In addition to being free, the ArtByte artist profile pages will give the artists the ability to receive tips and sell work for ArtBytes. We can do this one of two ways, and we would like to hear the thoughts of the community. One way would be like we do on the ArtByte Music Store, which allows anyone with an ArtByte wallet to immediately tip or purchase by clicking on the "Tip" or "Buy" button. Then a screen like this would pop up as it does on the ArtByte Music Store. You then either cut & paste the artist's ArtByte address into your personal Wallet or scan it, enter the amount (if it is a tip) and send the ABY from your wallet. The other way it could be done is to have a separate wallet for use with the profiles, like we do with Twitter or Reddit tipping. In that case, both the artist's wallet and the fan's wallet are on a separate server (like on our Twitter or Reddit tipping wallets). Done this way, all a fan would need to do is click a button and enter the amount, which would be automatically sent. This way however causes an artist to need yet another wallet. In addition to a Twitter wallet, Reddit wallet, and personal wallet, like we now have, they would add a Profile wallet. What are your opinions on the best way to setup the Profiles?
  6. Announcing the Artist Showcase Every week, the ArtByte Foundation will showcase an artist's work. All types of artists are eligible: painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, actors, dancers, directors, film makers, photographers, models, production team members, etc. Winners will receive 5,000 ArtByte for the week beginning June 9, 2017. Follow the steps below to enter: Step #1 Create an account on the ArtByte forum (click create account on the top right of page, fill out the form and respond to your confirmation email): ArtByte Forum Step #2 Sign up for your ArtByte wallet: Online wallet Step #3 Login to your online wallet and copy your wallet receive address (click "Receive" at the top of the page, then copy your address): Online wallet Step #4 Post about your work in the appropriate artist section (start a new topic about you and your work). Include a description of your work, link to your work, your social media accounts (Twitter, FB, etc) , and your ArtByte wallet address (pics/vids encouraged). Here is the Forum Artist Section Example topic, in the photographer section: JM Cabanis - Fashion Photographer Rules & Fine Print: Weekly submissions begin on Thursday midnight GMT and end midnight the following Friday. No purchase necessary to enter. All steps must be completed to be eligible. Only one entry per artist. The amount of ArtByte awarded to the winner will vary each week and be announced at the beginning of each week. Winners will be announced each Saturday. New to ArtByte? Check out our main site: http://artbyte.me
  7. We are changing two rules for the Twitter & Reddit tipping events. These rules are effective Monday May 7th. You can only tip each artist once, and the double back bonus is limited to three tips per day. So if you tip more than three times a day, you will only get double back on the first three tipped each day. Bonuses are paid on tips given Monday - Friday and paid manually once per day.
  8. ovko - New Media Artist

    Congratulations, you are this week's ArtByte Artist Showcase Winner! We are sending you 5,000 ArtByte and will feature you all week on our social media!
  9. Yes, you are correct. The majority of Twitter users are active Monday - Friday. Tips sent on the weekend are seldom seen by their intended recipient.
  10. No, we mean you will be paid bonuses on up to 3 tips each day. So if you tip 3 artists 20 ABY each, you will get back 120 ABY (double on each tip). If you tip more than 3 artists a day, bonuses will not be paid on those beyond 3. The rule about only tipping each artist once means you must find artists you have not previously tipped. We also monitor for users trying to take the easy way out by just cutting and pasting another users tips and tipping the same artists. There are millions of artists on Twitter, very seldom do we see the same one tipped more than once. We understand when a Twitter user occasionally tips an artist who has already been tipped by another fan, but if we see a user repeatedly tipping artists who have already been tipped, we will ban the account from bonuses (after a warning). Our goal is to continually reach new artists, making them aware of ArtByte.
  11. Update on Forum Rank Bonuses

    The rank bonus amounts, number of posts, and account age requirements have not changed. Going forward, rank bonuses will be paid once a week.
  12. Spring Artist Tipping Festivals on Twitter & Reddit start Monday April 23! Tip your favorite artist and receive double back! Details for Twitter: Details for Reddit:
  13. You can trade ABY/EUR in this exchange: https://www.litebit.eu/en/buy/artbyte If you have a Twitter or Reddit account, fans can give you tips & donations. Details here: http://forum.artbyte.me/forum/57-artbyte-artist-festivals/ We are working on free artist profile/galleries that will have a button for donations and sales of art.
  14. This week's ArtByte Artist Showcase Winners is Skip Staheli, a photographer working in virtual worlds. His work is currently showing in the Paris Metro Gallery in Second Life. He is the winner of 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured all week in ArtByte's 150,000+ social media! The Paris Metro Art Gallery is hosting a series of various images of the artist, and in particular, those placed on the ground floor, are relevant to the winter season. See more of his work on the ArtByte Forum here.
  15. Because of the recent high level of abuse attempted by users in the Forum Ranks, Reddit and Twitter tipping apps, the qualification requirements for participating in Reddit & Twitter tipping events are modified to be: Reddit - To join the event, your reddit account must be a legitimate account, at least 6 months old, have a minimum of 25 karma. Twitter - To join the event, your twitter account must be a legitimate account, at least 6 months old, have a minimum of 100 tweets, and have a picture in the account icon.
  16. It seems there is always someone who tries to scam the system. We had a user on Reddit setup 20 new Reddit account and tweet "I support artists". Which violates the rule that Reddit accounts have to be at least 90 days old and must have at least 10 karma. Then he proceeded to tip his own fake accounts. Obviously no bonuses were paid. The user name was named "Trandoductin" on both Reddit and this forum. His account has been permanently banned on all ArtByte sites.
  17. The ArtistGift Twitter account is back online. You can tip now.
  18. You can not tip until it is back up.
  19. Someone tried to login to the ArtistGift account from another part of the world, so Twitter locked it (which is normally what they do in these cases). After we clear it with Twitter, they will reopen ArtistGift. Unfortunately this could take a few hours to a few days.
  20. Our efforts to upgrade the Android wallet and fix the error -26 issue on the online wallet have been unsuccessful so far. Below is an update on each. We ask all community members to let us know if you can recommend developers and or existing code we can use to fix these issues. Android wallet upgrade to SegWit During the first 3 months of this year we have hired two companies to upgrade our Android wallet. Both were established software development companies who claimed to also have Blockchain experience. Neither company was able to do the job and caused us to lose weeks of time in getting this issue fixed. So we are back to looking for another dev for the Android wallet. If anyone knows some developers with both Android and Blockchain expertise, please let us know. Online wallet - error 26 issue This has been a very frustrating issue, as it is intermittent. In testing sometimes we get the error and sometimes not. On our test wallets it works with both small and large transfers 90% of the time. We have had 3 developers look at it, and still no one knows why we get this error sometimes. We have one more developer trying a few things to see if he can fix it. In the meantime we have been looking at other web wallets. Our current web wallet is based on Coinpunk and is very secure. However Coinpunk is no longer supported, so we are looking for another secure wallet. If anyone knows of a secure wallet for any other coin, let us know, and we will look at porting it to ArtByte. Or if you know any developers capable of the work, send us their contact info.
  21. The new ArtByte website is going live today. Just go the the same link: http://artbyte.me to see it. Please give it a workout, test the links, check the text, give us your comments on this thread. We plan to tweak the text based on the input of our users here. NOTE: The big Logo on the right side of the 1st panel will be replaced with an explainer video soon.
  22. This week we have focused on bringing top level musicians to the ArtByte Music Store We have started conversations with a certain major music, film, and media company in Los Angeles to list world renown musicians on the ArtByte Music store. Nothing is final, only discussions at this point. We will keep you posted. This week we began discussions with a major artist representation firm in London to bring their 94,000+ artists to our music store. Nothing final at this point. We have had preliminary conversations with a former band member of a famous 80s & 90s rock band (now on his own) to list his music and endorse ArtByte. Though nothing is final, he has expressed interest.
  23. This is public info, for those keeping up. So just a heads up for everyone here. ABY is halving when it hits 1,000,001 blocks. It is at block 968,826. Should take 5 weeks or so. Block 500,001 — 1,000,000: 400 ABY every 2 minutes Block 1,000,001 — 1,500,000: 200 ABY every 2 minutes Blockchain Explorer: http://explorer.artbyte.me/
  24. This week's showcase winner is musician, singer, songwriter, Tari Alfred from Nigeria! She is the winner of 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured all week in our 150,000+ social media community! Learn more about her work on the ArtByte Forum here.
  25. This week's showcase winner is artist, Cvandotnet! The winner of 5,000 ArtByte and featured throughout ArtByte's social media this week! See more on the ArtByte forum here