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  1. Transaction not finished for two days...

    Go to the transactions page of the wallet, scroll down to the stuck transaction, right click on it, and click "Abandon Transaction". This will cancel your transaction. Then after you update your wallet, you can resend it.
  2. Thanks both of you for your input. I am having the person that handles Twitter tipping bonuses, put together a spreadsheet of both of your tips and bonuses payments for November & December, showing the date & amounts of your tips and the dates and amounts you were paid. That way we can identify where the problem is.
  3. Unable to send artbyte to any other wallet.

    Please email specifics and screenshots to support
  4. This week we have focused on bringing top level musicians to the ArtByte Music Store We have started conversations with a certain major music, film, and media company in Los Angeles to list world renown musicians on the ArtByte Music store. Nothing is final, only discussions at this point. We will keep you posted. This week we began discussions with a major artist representation firm in London to bring their 94,000+ artists to our music store. Nothing final at this point. We have had preliminary conversations with a former band member of a famous 80s & 90s rock band (now on his own) to list his music and endorse ArtByte. Though nothing is final, he has expressed interest.
  5. We have identified the accounts that abused the pool bonus system, forcing us to close the official pool. If you had ABY left on the official pool when it closed, you can redeem those funds by emailing support with these details: Your pool account login name The email address for your pool account The ArtByte wallet address you wan to funds sent to
  6. Transaction not finished for two days...

    You need to upgrade to the new v0.13.01 wallet. The old wallet by default adds a very low transaction fee of .001 ABY. The new wallet has a default fee of .02. So anyone using the new wallet get priority over your transactions. The network has grown a lot since that old wallet. Depending on network load, transactions from the old wallets, may take days or weeks to clear. Get he wallet here: https://www.artbyte.me/get-started/
  7. Ok, December we match. The one on the 1st and 2nd were both paid on the 2nd. The one on the 5th was paid on the 5th. The one on the 6th was yesterday & being paid today. We also match in November. You were paid for 3 days of 5 tips each in November, not 4 groups because you tipped 10 people on the 16th, and were only paid for 5 as the rules specify. Below is the email we sent you.
  8. Put them on imgur.com and post them one after the other. Choose medium thumbnail size and get the BBC code But the one you posted for dated the 15th, you were paid on the 16th for. As we have told you before, given the time difference in where you are and our normal business hours, when we pay bonuses, our payment could easy show the day after. And we only make bonus payments Monday - Friday. Post copies of all of them if you want, but let's make this easy. What days did you tip on in November and what days in December. Then compare that to the times we show payments.
  9. The screenshot below shows the bonus payments sent to you: We looked at the ArtistGift Twitter account and it shows you only tipped on three days in November and three days in December, and you were paid. The ABY was sent to AcraEjcXvzM5XjagZF5dxYjWeAKJ7B58NY (which is the tipping address we have had from the beginning for you). So please post your evidence here, what have you not been paid?
  10. transfer unconfirmation / unspent

    As we replied to you via support, all the unconfirmed transactions you have went to Bittrex. All other transactions you sent, both before and after the Bittrex transactions confirmed, so it is not an ArtByte wallet program. You need to contact Bittrex support.
  11. bonus for rank

    This thread has now changed topic. Please start a new thread in the appropriate section
  12. Transaction not finished for two days...

    We noticed a very high difficulty, from a lot of hash power aimed at the network yesterday. Which can slow transactions for hours. Has your transactions confirmed yet? What version of the wallet are you running?
  13. UPDATE Android wallet - the developer who coded the android wallet is not available to fix it. We are looking for another developer to update the app. So this could take some time. In the meantime we recommend Android wallet users switch to the online wallet or a downloaded wallet. If users wish to move funds from an android wallet, contact support and the transfer will be processed manually for them.
  14. UPDATE Reddit - As we have said tips are working, but withdrawals are not. When we upgraded the wallet, the bot broke. Seems the code does not work with the new ArtByte wallet. The developer who ported the tipping bot to ArtByte is unavailable to fix it. We have reached out to the developer of the original source code. We are also testing another Reddit tip bot source code. So this could take some time to get fixed. We can do one of two things in the mean time. We can shutdown the Reddit tipping program until this is fixed or users can continue to tip and ArtByte support staff will manually process a withdrawal for users up to once per week, if the user desires. Let us know which option you prefer.
  15. ICO Magazine

    ArtByte in ICO Magazine this week Read article here