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  1. I am guessing that the blockchain file on your 1st computer has become corrupted. Remember the real data is data is stored on the network, so when you logged in with your new computer it showed the got the correct data from the network.
  2. No transaction is on the blockchain explorer for this ID. In your wallet click on the Transaction Tab, find the stuck transaction, right click on it and then chose "Abandon Transaction". Then send it again.
  3. Registering doesn't tell us anything. For you artists who have registered, please upload your images. We are working on the layout design. A blank registered account does not help test it.
  4. Post your transaction ID in text, not a picture and we will research it
  5. John F Metcalf - Circle Motifs

    Congratulations! You are this week's ArtByte Artist Showcase winner! We sent you 5,000 ABY and will feature you all week on our social media!
  6. This week's showcase winner is painter, John F Metcalf He is the winner of 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured all week on our 150,000+ social media! His work is "Inspired by the repetition and variation of nature, Circle Motifs are freehand digital creations using only a basic circle tool and color pallet." You can see more of his work on the ArtByte Forum here:
  7. The identical amount of the transaction is not relevant. First, when you finish sending transactions, leave your wallet connected to the network for 5 - 10 minutes, so all your transactions go out to the network. Second, if the mining difficulty has been very high (meaning that a lot of miners are mining), and then drops rapidly (meaning several miners stop mining for a while) no transactions will process until the difficulty drops back down. When it is back down, the transactions will go through. This happens several times a day, as the multipools increase and decrease mining on ArtByte. You can see it easily on https://www.multipool.us/dashboard/pool/aby Each time you see a spike shows that the multipools are mining. Each time the graph levels off, the multipools have stopped mining for a while. It can take a few minutes to a couple of hours for the difficulty to lower to the new mining level. Until it levels off, no one's transaction can process. All mined coins have the same problem with this.
  8. The ArtByte Foundation is pleased to welcome Alex Likhtenstein to the Advisory Board! Alex is one of the original developers in the Bitcoin ecosystem space. He has advised multiple ICOs, helping to bring them to market. Here is a video on Fox Business News in the U.S. on April 2013, featuring Alex & his partner, Charlie Shrem: https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/2294130648001/?#sp=show-clips
  9. Congratulations to Gates, our first Gold Patron! He has made over 1200 posts/comments. We just sent him 25,000 ArtBytes!!!
  10. What is wrong

    We have had some staff turnover in the people who handled the bonus payments, So we apologize for the delays. If anyone else has not been paid a bonus, please email support@artbyte.me with your account details.
  11. What is wrong

    Sent Member level bonus.
  12. What is wrong

    Paid through Jr Member rank
  13. What is wrong

    Paid through Member rank
  14. What is wrong

    You are not yet eligible for Patron. Remember that you must meet the account age requirements posted here: You will reach that date on July 23rd.
  15. What is wrong

    Your account has been tagged as a possible multiple account, because you logged in from the same IP address as another known multiple account user. So no bonus was paid. You need to send your account name, email, and picture ID to support@artbyte.me to verify your identity.