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  1. The tip must be given to an artist, it does not matter if it is given by an artist or fan. As the post says at the top of this thread, it continues for the next several months (all Fall).
  2. Pool status?

    The payouts are being run manually once a day so we can watch for any errors. Once we are comfortable that the problems are fixed we will turn auto payouts on again.
  3. Pool status?

    A you see from Bushstar's post, identifying the problem on the pool was very difficult and took a lot of time & research to fix. He did an excellent job and now we are back on track. Basically what happened is the payout script would break and then be restarted, causing it to pay bonuses multiple times. If you were mining, you can easily see this in your own account. For example when the bonus was set at 19, sometimes you would receive 38 (2x) or even 57 (3x) and more. We will be bringing the bonus back slowly and at a lower rate, and test it to make sure multiple payouts do not occur again. The reason for the bonus is to allow artists and fans (who are new to digital currencies) to mine and receive some ArtBytes to get started. It is not to increase the payout to knowledgeable crypto miners.
  4. Pool status?

    If you recall, I advised everyone to move to a different pool while we were working on this.
  5. Pool status?

    We believe we have the pool fixed and are testing it. Should be back up tomorrow.
  6. Hello, 

    I'm Sarah and I'm a freelance ui/ux designer. Please feel free to ask me for any kind of work to help artbyte get the top place. 
    I'm just wondering why we don't have a marketplace for designers ( like what we have for music ). Something like Creativemarket.com with some extra features to give more chances to designers to gain/get paid artbyte. 
    I can really help you designing the whole system wireframes, user experience and interface design. I already have a complete in depth plan for the whole project if you're interested. 

    i can redesign the web-wallet interface to look much more professional. 

    i can any required mobile apps as well. 

    i can design any required social media posts/ads/...

    Feel free to contact me anytime and i'll be so happy to work for artbyte completely free or for some artbyte ;) 

    you can check my profile here : https://99designs.com/profiles/1829936 

    Best regards,


  7. desktop wallet gives strange error

    That looks like a bug in the first version of the SegWit wallet. Download and install the latest version from: https://www.artbyte.me/get-started/
  8. Using artbytes for art auction?

    There will be smart contract capability on ArtByte using MAST, which is a technology available after SegWit is enabled. That is one of the main reasons we are enabling SegWit.
  9. i have noticed a huge dip?

    With the rise of BTC, all alt coins prices have been going down compared to BTC, but look at the price in USD terms, ArtByte is not down. Today's CoinMarketCap chart: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/applebyte/#charts
  10. Bonuses are paid manually once per day, Mon - Fri
  11. problems Artbyte pool

    We are of course aware of the problems on the ArtByte official pool and are working to solve the problem. As we have posted before, there are five other pools you can use to mine ArtByte. We suggest you use one of the other pools until we have fixed the payouts issue.
  12. Today's SegWit update - 70.4% of required blocks mined! http://www.artbyte.me/segwitcsv-progress-tracker/
  13. The painting of the Wild Whites

    Congratulations! You are this week's ArtByte Artist Showcase Winner! We just sent you 5,000 artbytes!
  14. This week's showcase winner is painter Ame Painter! "Painting to me is out of pure passion and so I've heard that... what is born out of passion has the power to save our souls." ~Ame~ She is the winner of 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured on ArtByte's social media all this week! You can see more of her work on the ArtByte Forum here.
  15. oil painter

    Welcome, please post your ArtByte wallet address. Instructions here: