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    Mandatory wallet update

    Following the attack on the ArtByte blockchain and the fix we applied, it is mandatory to upgrade to the new wallet, version The old wallets will not connect to the blockchain. Of course, as with any software upgrade, it is always best to backup your data. To backup your existing ArtByte wallet, look in the top left hand corner and click "file", then click "backup wallet". Close your existing wallet and download and install the new wallet. You can download the wallets here: https://github.com/AppleByteMe/AppleByte/releases
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    The 2018 Summer Tipping Festivals on Twitter & Reddit have ended, Fall Festivals will begin Sept 4th.
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    From the album illustrations

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    Buy and sell artbytes

    Sure it can be done, but then we must really take into consideration does it even matter anymore. What I mean is that if you have a token with, let's say, $0.01 value and with 16 decimal points, is it any worth in thinking about that anymore as some sort of a metric for crash, especially if there's barely any volume. I reckon there's no general consensus on what is a "minimum" daily volume, but something with barely few thousand USD worth of daily volume is practically dead anyway.
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    Hell, I am from Cambodia. I hope to share some beautiful photos from Cambodia to all of you.
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    Hello everyone, I’m an artist + fine art / conceptual photographer. I work in different disciplines in painting, illustration and photography. I work mainly developing conceptual photo essays with underwater photography. I’m glad to join this new group, and I’d love to hear what you want to say. I’m looking forward to see your artworks. My portfolio is http://beatrizglezsa.com My facebook artist page is: https://www.facebook.com/beatrizglezsa and my ArtByte address is: ASEFDNjEwesZQSuoQR6orYdbrdUxDkNh8E Regards Beatriz
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    really fantastic works. Perfectly!
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    Buy and sell artbytes

    now their coins can produce everything. some of the mice also do this and their coins are not backed up. here they often can cost 1 sat
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    Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?

    From the album @icartzz

    LILITH'S PLEASURES When I last had a man I lost him in the infinite blackness of my hair he was holding on grasping with his greedy hands when he disappeared somewhere around my vast hips I had sung my siren-song and he was gone .... when I slip naked between your sheets beware that you do not lose your way .... I do relish my flight my creation of so much darkness to combat the glaring light -- just look into my eyes do you see me do you see through me do you see at all but I see you just try to banish me again just try to keep your loved ones away from me just try to close the door to my cave the windows are your vanity your shame your longings for purity in blood-covered bodies I came First I had the First Man I danced with the First Cause when I last had a man I swallowed him whole and he laughed with joy inside my belly...

    © iCArtzz

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    Great to have you back. Your work is so exceptional.
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    No, we can not freeze the blockchain. What I meant was that the attack froze the blockchain. ArtByte has no central nodes. Mining is controlled by independent miners, including solo miners and pools, just like Bitcoin.
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    Painting a fish

    Hi, this is a sort of "Catlufa". Catalufas are also commonly called "bigeyes". I have obviously exaggerated some aspects of this. Thanks for your interesting.
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    Painting a fish

    Ooh, that's an amazing drawing! And thank you once again for including the process from sketch to final piece as well. What species of fish is that?
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    The blockchain works as expected now. We have sent the updates to the exchanges and are compiling the new Win and MAC wallets. Please upgrade your wallets, as we release the new executables. The new release is v0.13.10. You can get them here: https://github.com/AppleByteMe/AppleByte/releases We will next upgrade our tipping apps and the online wallet.
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    Meanings behind some traditional tattoo's

    The good thing is that the pain stops once the needle leaves the skin, but the burning and possible swelling will take quite a while to heal. But as my tattoo artists says, "No pain, no gain".
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    Buy and sell artbytes

    Good idea
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    Buy and sell artbytes

    Share the benefits of artbyte with friends and families, most especially Artist. Encourage them to list their work here and exchange their art work for artbyte. You can also publicize artbyte during one of your ballet shows..... 😂 lol
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    🎨 Illustration Digital Painting
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    a rare technique and theme,i dont see many artist or photographers took this theme,under water photograph with human object,this is nearly insane,how long the model hold breath in the water? this is amazing,and nice photo editing.
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    Looks great picture. where is this place?
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    breath taking pictures realy nice.