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    Digital works

    Digital paintings, drawings and sketches
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    Impressions on Water, by Carmen del Berro: Personal WebSite Oils & Watercolours Video Presentation: A portuguese Fado
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    Retratos por encargo - dibujos de mis actores favoritos. comissioned art - my favourite actors drawings
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    Into the Woods Series

    ANFBU4PSwBchi19NjkmvrwwKqkMVMhKbg8 www.nicoletteleigharts.com “Into the Woods” This series is inspired by childhood ideas and experiences. Specifically my memories of walking to my neighbor's house along a mowed pathway, turning left to pass the tobacco fields and heading into the woods where there was a clearing. The first time I made this journey felt epic. The discovery of the clearing in the woods was transcendental. I stood there in awe for what felt like forever. The story in my head would evolve each time I made this trek.
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    niuQuin Art

    Just look at the paintings ( images ) and make your own conclusions. Blessings full of light. Enjoy
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    Jaime Filipe

    Land Art

    Set of images related to artistic works produced in nature, using only natural elements.
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    Random photos from life.
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    Symboools, FFFlags and Patterns

    The artist's interpretations and oneiric visions about the mysteries of the Ancient and Hidden Symbols, as well Patterns and Flags and their's correlative shapes and games of colors.
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    Oana Painter

    Works In Progress

    Just as my paintings are in the state of progress I find myself alike in a constant learning process... discovering the insights and real beauty of this noble art called painting.
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    Mysteries oof the Wooorld

    The focal point of this project that I am currently developing revolve around the same theme, which is the re-creation of various impactful moments throughout history that has come to be seen as common knowledge, independent of any civilization or historical time period. These moments and it's variations of art has significantly modified and influenced the course of history by giving a new shape, a new condition, or even a new perspective to humanity. As you will be able to see, I am developing and building upon particular moments that represent some characteristic or significant meaning or insight that raises questions to what and how people come to adhere to tenets of society, such as faith, politics and love.
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    ? Illustration Digital Painting
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    My Paintings

    artbyte address: AbcixgYXTTbXd2pgQhwhiYzKcpRFm2fcm4 website: https://rockersujith.wixsite.com/sujithputhran facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SujithPuthranArtist
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    my artwork

    here i will post some of my works
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    I love to do some street photography. There is a lot to see out there.
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    Show case some of my work. Enjoy, please leave comments. I love to hear from you. Thanks, Cvan
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    Mokume gane

    Here's my jewelry metalsmith. I work with different metals including gold, silver, titanium, steel, nickel, copper, brass, nickelsilver and old traditional japanese alloys such as shakudo and shibuichi. Mokume-gane (木目金 Mokumegane) is a Japanese metalworking procedure which produces a mixed-metal laminate with distinctive layered patterns. Mokume-gane translates closely to "wood grain metal" or "wood eye metal" and describes the way metal takes on the appearance of natural wood grain. Mokume-gane has been used to create many artistic objects. Though the technique was first developed to decorate swords, the art survives today mostly in the form of jewelry and hollowware. Mokume-gane fuses several layers of differently coloured precious metals together to form a sandwich of alloys called a "billet." The billet is then manipulated in such a way that a pattern resembling wood grain emerges over its surface. Numerous ways of working the mokume metal create diverse pattens. Once the metal has been rolled into a sheet or bar, several techniques are used to produce a range of effects. Timascus is corrosion resistant, non-magnetic, and lightweight. It has the beautiful, upscale look of steel damascus without any of the disadvantages of steel that can disappoint some knife makers and collectors.The timascus is made by placing these two different alloys of titanium into a metal box, filling the enclosure with inert gas and applying both heat and pressure to have the two alloys to forge laminated together.When coloring, the current formulation seems to show more contrast using heat rather than anodizing. All current safe coloring techniques can be applied to Timascus. Future alloy combinations will have different color profiles. Timascus is a beautiful fusion of old world decorative techniques and modern metal-smithing.
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    Selections from my watercolours paintings. My ArtByte wallet address: AKgD6DN9N2YVPQ59Faa4sy5e1dMG9Z8Tm4
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    Madan Raj Photography

    Nature, Travel and Landscape Photography ArtByte Address: AZpTfcSWcJDdd4hwrbzdCTsgZD9B84FFWd Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/madanrajphotography/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/madanrajphotos
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    Oil paintings

    This album is about my oil paintings. If you appreciate my paintings leave a comment or support my work. My ArtByte wallet address: AKgD6DN9N2YVPQ59Faa4sy5e1dMG9Z8Tm4
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    Iglika Todorova

    Oil Paintings

    Original oil paintings - one of a kind. You can see more as you type Iglika Tododrova Artist at Facebook or Iglika Todorova at Saatchi com
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    Beth Steinzor


    ArtByte wallet: AJ3QFUMJPeDmkk3xqD3qq6WSnhpAW1GyYp
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    Digital images.

    Images created digitally on the computer, I create digital images most days and will post some of them here as time moves for ward, thanks for looking.
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    #drawing + #photoshop Digitale Malerei: Solitär Pigmentdruck auf Textur Fine Art Papier 310g, handsigniert und nummeriert
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    My wrks

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    Paris Tremayne

    Paris Tremayne Paintings

    A series of abstract paintings. Acrylic on canvas.
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    Phogarty is a collection of art styled photography by discerning photographers theirwork is masterful and outstanding.
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    Suzana Chowdhury

    suzana chowdhury

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    Música para piano y partituras de Chacareras Salchicheras Argentinas en general
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    Gobinda paul

    Conceptual Art photography

    Thinking About future and try to create some new
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    masive colorfull art works hand made by allen kupeta
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    I felt the need, in the course of time, to identify an essential code: the desire, maybe the urge, to push my work towards a formula of synthesis capable of expressing the drawings of my thoughts in a clean and instant attractiveness. I sacrificed the use of color. I wanted to reduce the variables, to go along the inside conflict of my conscious state on a graphic level. In other words, the operation might unveil ingenuous reflexes, but the tension that pushes the thought to the extreme limit of contradiction is precisely human. We are not able to imagine death: it does not produce images. We are also unable to crystalize the source of our thinking process, the self, therefore the fundament of life. I grasp my being as a transaction between two essential conditions that, however, I cannot see. And it’s between these two extremities, in a recursive ring, that my thinking substance consumes. I am, we are, the grey tone that elapses between black and white. The same grey that gives volume to the draperies I paint, draperies that in turn give volume to an empty figure that reveals in truth the absence during the act of searching and self-questioning. The challenge, in my opinion, is to reach to an esthetic, to an intrinsic beauty of image, that yes, conveys a content, but a content that, as a last extreme paradox, expresses the inexpressible: nothing
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    Hira Ejaz


    oil on canvas
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    Hira Ejaz


    sketches done with pencil and pointer