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    Painting a fish

    Hi, I'm glad to share with you a new paint project I made in Photoshop. The sketch is drawn directly in Photoshop Refining the drawing Cleaning the outlines Toned in greys Adding colours Finished work Hope you enjoyed it!! My ArtByte wallet: AKgD6DN9N2YVPQ59Faa4sy5e1dMG9Z8Tm4
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    My new Watercolor work in progress LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE If you like my artwork artbyte adress: AbcixgYXTTbXd2pgQhwhiYzKcpRFm2fcm4
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    My latest digital portrait

    Hi! I work in Procreate on my iPad Pro. This is a portrait I finished yesterday. I had a lot of fun playing with light and lost edges. I used a reference photo of a model. If you’d like to see more of my work, I have an instagram, website and YouTube channel. You can see the process video of this portrait here. Wallet: AR41gNEua455s5mXHMQMzoScbHpkP964sW
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    Hello, people.

    Hello, new here. I am a traditional artist who works in different mediums, focusing mostly on animals, and nature. I’m not sure about the whole artbyte thing, it’s a bit confusing to me. Not sure what address I use, my online wallet one ? I need a tutor...lol..how do I move my artbytes from reddit to my online wallet...? Anyway, here is a sample of my art...
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    Buy and sell artbytes

    In terms of percentage of drop, artbyte has outperformed lots of coins.
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    Hi all! I knocked out another portrait practicing focal point by breaking up the edges of less important areas of the painting. This piece took about 12 hours total and it was created in Procreate on the iPad Pro. This study was based off this photo of a model from Pinterest. Unfortunately I don’t know her name. You can see the process video of this piece here. Here is my website. Follow me on Instagram! Wallet: AR41gNEua455s5mXHMQMzoScbHpkP964sW
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    This week's ArtByte Artist Showcase Winner is Photographer, Eddie Cloud. He is a nature photographer from the United Kingdom. He is the winner of 5,000 ArtByte and will be focused all week on our 150,000+ social media! You can see more of his work on the ArtByte Forum here.
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    Bright day is here

    I do not know. it seems to me that in the near future all the same there will be no major changes
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    This week's showcase winner is painter, John F Metcalf He is the winner of 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured all week on our 150,000+ social media! His work is "Inspired by the repetition and variation of nature, Circle Motifs are freehand digital creations using only a basic circle tool and color pallet." You can see more of his work on the ArtByte Forum here:
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    T-shirt Designs

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    Edward Mitchell Bannister | Tonalist painter FOR MORE SUCH ARTWORKS & ARTISTS' FOLLOW SUJITH PUTHRAN
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    Btc makes new ATH(all time high)

    I think some coins disappearing is a good thing. There are too many coins, and a lot of them have no use and can't be spent anywhere.
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    Btc makes new ATH(all time high)

    That has been a normal market reaction. The longer the uninspiring months, the bigger the boom when the bulls finally return.
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    Forum Ranks - as of November 6, 2017 As artists or even as fans, we all appreciate comments on our posts. In a fun way to support both artists and fans, ArtByte has created Forum Ranks. Members are given awards of ArtByte every time they reach a new rank! Member Levels Number of posts * ArtByte Awards Brand New 2 50 Newbie 10 200 Novice 25 400 Initiate 50 800 Apprentice 75 1200 Jr. Member 100 1500 Member 150 2000 Full Member 200 3000 Sr. Member 300 5000 Patron 500 7500 Silver Patron 800 15000 Gold Patron 1200 25000 Diamond Patron 2000 50000 Legendary 3000 100000 So, for example if you become a member of the forum (and make two posts), you will receive 50 ArtBytes. After you make 10 posts, you will receive 200 ArtBytes, after 25 posts, 400 ArtBytes. * The bonus is paid based on both the number of posts and a daily limit (to prevent spamming). See the post below. Rules: When signing up as a forum member, include your ArtByte wallet address in the "About Me" section of your profile. A post can be a new topic or a comment on an existing topic. To receive the first 25 ArtBytes, post in the introduction section, including your ArtByte wallet address. To receive any other Rank awards your ArtByte wallet address must be in the "About Me" section of your profile. Negative or rude posts will be removed. No spamming posts. Users creating multiple accounts will be banned and deleted. You can post as much as you want, but for award purposes, each level has a daily limit, that goes up by one at each level. So a Brand New person can post up to 2 per day, that count towards rank. (see chart below) Rank awards are paid once each week. The amount of the award can change based on the price of ArtByte. If it does change, a new chart will be posted in this thread.
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    Buy and sell artbytes

    now their coins can produce everything. some of the mice also do this and their coins are not backed up. here they often can cost 1 sat
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    one of modesty , modeP

    Hello! I am a musician.

    I am a musician!
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    We have applied a fix to the ArtByte blockchain code and provided it to several miners. The blockchain is now unfrozen, as you can follow in the explorer. The attack had frozen the blockchain at block 1095079. As you can see on the explorer, we are now at 1095411, and new blocks are being found as they normally would. We will be watching this over the next 24hrs and if all is working correctly, we will send the updated code to the exchanges next. http://explorer.artbyte.me/blocks The Twitter and Reddit tipping apps will still remain temporally closed.
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    Meanings behind some traditional tattoo's

    The good thing is that the pain stops once the needle leaves the skin, but the burning and possible swelling will take quite a while to heal. But as my tattoo artists says, "No pain, no gain".
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    Buy and sell artbytes

    Website link
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    Now its the time of bitcoin

    A times when you look at btc, it's better not to be too optimistic about it. The reward of btc goes to those that have the virtue of PATIENCE.
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    Corruption is everywhere. But I suppose there are some real financial gains for the crooks that pervade the crypto world. I'm so fed up with the unscrupulous. So sorry to hear this is happening to our dear Aby
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    Btc makes new ATH(all time high)

    you are perfectly right,money laundry has been the major issue why many country were against the adoption of cryptocurrency.
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    Now its the time of bitcoin

    well, I do not know. now the price again fell below 7 thousand dollars. we will see...
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    Buy and sell artbytes

    Correct...... You captured my thoughts nicely.
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    Buy and sell artbytes

    That's it. Let's keep our gaze on the big picture and let us work more with the team for the adoption of artbyte. That's when we can send artbyte sustaining it's uptrend.
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    Hi everyone, cartoonist here

    Hi everyone, Here is some of my artwork. nice to meet you. https://www.artstation.com/pencilforge edit: wallet address ASwFrL3zLLHBynzeCT43ZGjJ44fCMizJaK
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    Buy and sell artbytes

    Trend reversal towards where? i think it's going down. And this may be very good for us. It's an oportunity to buy cheaper.
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    Fabian Perez | Abstract Figurative

    What a beautiful, painterly style! I appreciate paintings that are still a bit "rough," where you can still clearly see it is a painting. Photorealism is pretty boring to me. I get a really strong 'noir' story feeling from these painting, especially the first few.
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    Gil Bruvel, 1959 ~ Visionary painter Thereafter he set up his studio in St. Remy de Provence until 1986 when he first made his way to the United States, making it his permanent residence in 1990. At that time he started to experiment more with sculptures in bronze, mixed media and digital modeling as well as continuing to learn about creative processes in artistic expression. He is currently creating functional art, sculptures and paintings. Gil Bruvel has been exhibiting his work since 1974 in various places around the world and including: France, Monaco, England, Denmark, The Netherlands, Hungary, Japan, Singapore, New York, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Hawaii. His work has received many awards and his collectors span the globe. FOR MORE SUCH ARTWORKS & ARTISTS FOLLOW SUJITH PUTHRAN
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    Haha yes I also ran into that problem. You need to use the link here in this topic to login, I don't think they made a link to the login page from the main page yet.
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    Another great piece and video to boot.
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    Welcome aboard. Your music reminds me of some tracks I heard in an online music maker site some years back that let you experiment with good sounds, fun stuff.
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    Ballet as a child

    My kid was introduced to dancing when het was 5. He chose ballet a year later.
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    Hello! I am a musician.

    I love musik.... Great to have you here mate. Welcome.
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    Hi! New to Artbyte.

    Hi all! I’m from Reddit and am a digital artist. I’m 23 y/o from Houston Texas. I am new to crpytocurrencies. I’ve read a lot about Artbyte before making this post and am looking forward to learning more. I’m still a bit confused about certain things. I recieved Artbytes on Reddit and I made an account on the Artbyte site and have a wallet now. Where are my Artbytes stored on Reddit? How do I get them into my online Wallet? Wallet Address: AR41gNEua455s5mXHMQMzoScbHpkP964sW My art portfolio website: www.palomamcclain.com My art instagram: www.instagram.com/palomamcclain
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    Daily Quotes

    Nice one. Love the way Friedrich put it.
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    Eddie Cloud - Nature Photographer

    A bit late this weekly award, but it's great to be able to rediscover this amazing works. congratulations!
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    Hi! New to Artbyte.

    I am glad to welcome you to the forum ArtByte!
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    Hello everyone! I'm a 22 year old guitarist and music producer. I had never heard of ArtByte until someone sent me some through the Reddit Tipping Festival! Glad to be here!
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    Hi! New to Artbyte.

    Welcome to the forun
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    Hi! New to Artbyte.

    Hey, thank you @Monkopotamus! I was able to transfer successfully. I have another question. People on Reddit said that to know your balance, you message the bot +info. However, when I did this, I wasn’t given a number. All it gave me was a string of letters under “Deposit Address Balance.” So I wasn’t able to see how much was in my balance. How would I be able to see it in the future? It says “Use the Address above to deposit coins into your Applebyte tipping wallet” but shouldn’t the tips I accept be in there already?
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    Hi! New to Artbyte.

    Welcome aboard. Nice portfolio and glad to have you here. To get your artbytes from you Reddit Wallet to your new Forum Wallet you'll need to go on Reddit and send the following message to the ArtistGift account that told you of the Artbyte tip. +withdraw AR41gNEua455s5mXHMQMzoScbHpkP964sW ALL applebytes So your above address is your wallet address for here and not reddit, and the withdraw lets it know that everything from your reddit wallet will go into your main forum.
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    Back Again!

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    I am guessing that the blockchain file on your 1st computer has become corrupted. Remember the real data is data is stored on the network, so when you logged in with your new computer it showed the got the correct data from the network.
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    I like this fractal styled artwork a lot! Well deserver win, and congratulations to the winner with hopes to their future career being great!
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    So degrading, and that's why we are loosing touch of creativity. The kind of impression you get by visiting a museum like this can never be compared to what one gets on TV.
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    unfortunately modern man is not interested in visiting museums, it's easier to sit at home and watch TV. The society is degrading ((
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    This is disheartening.
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    a rare technique and theme,i dont see many artist or photographers took this theme,under water photograph with human object,this is nearly insane,how long the model hold breath in the water? this is amazing,and nice photo editing.
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