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    bitcoins are a backing for world currency if a USA penny repersented one satoshi the usd value would top out at 100 % 0n the dollar as the computer world grow bill pay would inter seed with the reliable currency is a circle piece of gold was the bitcoin the value would be given in weight of the stone what if the gold circle was crusted in diamond the value is now weight and carats the alloys of the earth cooper steal etc back the industrial economy do the riches person have alot of paper or metal thats a easy answer bank are our friend all major inquires have to go threw the bank just think of them as a free book keeper long as you dont break the rules in the fine print
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    Bonfires Dance - Opus 23

    I wrote and produced an intro for the song Bonfires Dance by Opus 23, They are a band from Brazil and it was founded by Carolina Mariano and Jose Negrin. I posted a video on Facebook and you might be able to view it here https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=798168310239390&l=765977941342294630 Or you can watch it and download it here http://www.uvlog.com/video/opus-23-bonfires-dace-5192/ All of their music is released under Creative Commons and you can listen and or down load their music on Jamendo. https://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/368387/opus-23 Negrin is a guitarist and composer in 2008 he released a project called Whispering. He composed and recorded the Sonata, he plays the guitar parts in Baroque style. He also realsed a new project this year 2014 called "Works for Harpsichord and Organ". He also plays the guitar for this project. You can listen and download the albums on Jamendo. They are released under Creative Commons. https://www.jamendo.com/en/list/a130469/works-for-harpsichord-and-organ.
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    Living Wage Calculator

    I was reading about wages and it had a link to a Living Wage Calculator. It has every state is the USA listed and then you select your city or town. Now going by this calculator my income puts me in the Poverty Income bracket. Guess I know the meaning of a starving artists Any way might be worth a chuckle if you want to check out your income and see if your a starving artists. http://livingwage.mit.edu