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    We are closing the ArtByte Forum

    We have decided to close the ArtByte Forum. We have been hard at work finalizing the new free Artist Profile section of the main site and believe that will be a much better meeting place for artists and fans. The new profile pages will allow artists to post their work, sell their work, and receive tips of ArtByte. Fans can leave comments, buy work, and easily send tips. We very much appreciate the support of so many of you who posted and commented in the forum. ArtByte has a great community and will continue to build with our new free profiles. The profile section will launch in the next couple of weeks. If any forum member believes they have not been received their latest forum bonus, please email support@artbyte.me and we will make sure all bonuses are paid. Thanks again for your support! For general discussions about ArtByte, you can use our Reddit or Bitcointalk Announce Threads: https://www.reddit.com/r/artbyte https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=503131.0 Here is an example of an Artist Profile home page:
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    We are closing the ArtByte Forum

    yes,all most of the hardwork and amazing art shared on this forum
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    We are closing the ArtByte Forum

    It's been great to be here and share your opinions. I'm a bit surprised of the hurry, considering I have understood we will have to wait some weeks for the profile pages, but I'm sure you have very good reasons. What's going to happen to the content we all shared here?
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    We are closing the ArtByte Forum

    What a memorable place this has been so far. Hope the new website will serve the intending purpose.
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    We are closing the ArtByte Forum

    what an amazing time i had here,i really enjoy my stay here,thanks to all member here and big thanks to admin and his team
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    We are closing the ArtByte Forum

    Had a great time here! Will be on the main site more now I guess.
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    We are closing the ArtByte Forum

    That's a real shame, I had a good time here. But I understand and respect your decision, thanks for all the good art and discussions you hosted!
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    We are closing the ArtByte Forum

    Aah, almost made it to Gold Patron, oh well But the new site does indeed look gorgeous, and I'm sure it'll work better for the intended use - can't wait to get to use it! Thanks for the forum and all the insightful discussions it allowed us to have. Let's keep on working together to make ABY a true success!
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    yesterday's echoes

    From the album Digital works

    Digital painting, line-art

    © J. Van de Perre

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    From the album illustrations

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    ? Illustration Digital Painting
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    From the album illustrations

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    Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?

    From the album @icartzz

    LILITH'S PLEASURES When I last had a man I lost him in the infinite blackness of my hair he was holding on grasping with his greedy hands when he disappeared somewhere around my vast hips I had sung my siren-song and he was gone .... when I slip naked between your sheets beware that you do not lose your way .... I do relish my flight my creation of so much darkness to combat the glaring light -- just look into my eyes do you see me do you see through me do you see at all but I see you just try to banish me again just try to keep your loved ones away from me just try to close the door to my cave the windows are your vanity your shame your longings for purity in blood-covered bodies I came First I had the First Man I danced with the First Cause when I last had a man I swallowed him whole and he laughed with joy inside my belly...

    © iCArtzz

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    When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you