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    As we announced previously, the ArtByte Foundation will be offering free profiles/galleries to artists and fans. Artists typically pay $5 - $30 a month for profile listings on art related sites. So this will be a significant cost savings to our users. The profiles are available to all members of the ArtByte community, both artists and fans. Artists can upload images, videos, and audio files. In addition to the site being free for members, artists will be able to receive tips, and sell their work for ArtBytes. This feature will be live in the next few weeks The profiles are now in Beta and we are asking artists and fans to test the application by creating profiles, uploading files if you are an artist, noting friends, making comments, etc. Also let us know additional features you would like There is a simple registration/login form here: https://www.artbyte.me/wp-login.php When you create a profile, your personal web site address will be in the form of www,artbyte.me/your_member_name. To view activity and interact with others, you can go here: https://www.artbyte.me/members/
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    Hi everyone, cartoonist here

    Hi everyone, Here is some of my artwork. nice to meet you. https://www.artstation.com/pencilforge edit: wallet address ASwFrL3zLLHBynzeCT43ZGjJ44fCMizJaK
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    My latest digital portrait

    Hi! I work in Procreate on my iPad Pro. This is a portrait I finished yesterday. I had a lot of fun playing with light and lost edges. I used a reference photo of a model. If you’d like to see more of my work, I have an instagram, website and YouTube channel. You can see the process video of this portrait here. Wallet: AR41gNEua455s5mXHMQMzoScbHpkP964sW
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    Bright day is here

    Nobody can get it 100% right, cos price will always be subject to the forces of demand and supply. That notwithstanding, if you check the market capitalization you will realize that it would be a tough one for btc to go sub 6k again except for news like the the one going over the net now about etf rejection or hacking stuff.
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    Hellu Hello

    Clear and concise. Great. Welcome! Are you an artist? You can edit your post and include an ABY address to receive a welcome gift.
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    Hellooooo :)

    nice intro,welcome to the artbyte forum
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    Daily Quotes

    Nice one. Love the way Friedrich put it.
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    From the album Evgeny

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    Wow.. Is that a tail I'm seeing or what. Kudos mate.
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    Bright day is here

    I do not know. it seems to me that in the near future all the same there will be no major changes
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    Well Intentioned copies that went wrong

    Aah, I remember the first one! Wonder how could someone butcher a work like that and still be proud enough to publish it with their own name attached? Well, I guess things happen, but I don't think that such massive restorative work should be undertaken in the first place - I feel like it takes away from the original too much, even if done well.
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    From the album Gates

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    From the album Gates

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    From the album Gates

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    You can download an ArtByte wallet here: https://www.artbyte.me/get-started/ How to speeding up syncing a downloaded wallet The downloaded ArtByte wallet (MAC, PC, Linux) has more features than the online wallet and you will need a downloaded wallet in order to mine ArtByte. In a digital currency each transaction is stored in a "blockchain". Since ArtByte launched on May 1, 2014, the blockchain is storing over 3 years worth of transactions. Your downloaded wallet will sync with all these transactions eventually, but depending on your internet connection and computer speed, it will take from 1 - 3 days to sync, if you leave the wallet opened and your computer connected to the internet full time. The blockchain is stored in the directory that is created when you download the wallet. To speed up the syncing process to a few hours or less, you can download the blockchain in a zip file and extract it into the correct directory. Detailed instructions Download the Zip file below and extract the blocks folder to the Applebyte data directory. If you have already run and created the data directory then the blocks and chainstate sub folders will exist, please delete both the blocks and chainstate folder before copying in the blocks folder from the Zip. ArtByte Blockchain (8th August 2017) https://quickstart.artbyte.me/blockchain.zip To get to your ArtByte data directory follow the instructions below. Windows Go to Start -> Run (or press Windows Key + R) and run this: %APPDATA%\Applebyte ArtByte's data folder will open. For most users, this is the following locations: C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application data\Applebyte (XP) C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\Applebyte (Vista/7/8/10) "AppData" and "Application data" are hidden by default. Mac By default ArtByte will put its data here: ~/Library/Application Support/Applebyte/ From the Finder, select the Go menu at top of the screen, and choose Go to Folder. In the window that opens, enter ~/Library, and click Go. Linux By default ArtByte will put its data here: ~/.applebyte/
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    From the album Evgeny

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    From the album Evgeny

    Я прошу прощения за эротизм
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    You can post as often as you want. Rank bonuses are paid according to both Rank and time. See the chart below, it shows the number of posts allowed each day (that count towards your rank) and minimum number of days required to reach each level. Allowed # of posts/day Total # of posts Awards to be sent Brand New 2 posts/day Day 1 2 Posts: an introduction post with ArtByte wallet address plus one other post 50 Newbie 2 posts/day Day 5 10 200 Novice 3 posts/day Day 13 25 400 Initiate 3 posts/day Day 21 50 800 Apprentice 3 posts/day Day 30 75 1200 Jr. Member 3 posts/day Day 38 100 1500 Member 4 posts/day Day 55 150 2000 Full Member 4 posts/day Day 67 200 3000 Sr. Member 4 posts/day Day 92 300 5000 Patron 4 posts/day Day 142 500 7500 Silver Patron 5 posts/day Day 217 800 15000 Gold Patron 5 posts/day Day 297 1200 25000 Diamond Patron 5 posts/day Day 457 2000 50,000 Legendary 5 posts/day Day 657 3000 100,000
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    Forum Ranks - as of November 6, 2017 As artists or even as fans, we all appreciate comments on our posts. In a fun way to support both artists and fans, ArtByte has created Forum Ranks. Members are given awards of ArtByte every time they reach a new rank! Member Levels Number of posts * ArtByte Awards Brand New 2 50 Newbie 10 200 Novice 25 400 Initiate 50 800 Apprentice 75 1200 Jr. Member 100 1500 Member 150 2000 Full Member 200 3000 Sr. Member 300 5000 Patron 500 7500 Silver Patron 800 15000 Gold Patron 1200 25000 Diamond Patron 2000 50000 Legendary 3000 100000 So, for example if you become a member of the forum (and make two posts), you will receive 50 ArtBytes. After you make 10 posts, you will receive 200 ArtBytes, after 25 posts, 400 ArtBytes. * The bonus is paid based on both the number of posts and a daily limit (to prevent spamming). See the post below. Rules: When signing up as a forum member, include your ArtByte wallet address in the "About Me" section of your profile. A post can be a new topic or a comment on an existing topic. To receive the first 25 ArtBytes, post in the introduction section, including your ArtByte wallet address. To receive any other Rank awards your ArtByte wallet address must be in the "About Me" section of your profile. Negative or rude posts will be removed. No spamming posts. Users creating multiple accounts will be banned and deleted. You can post as much as you want, but for award purposes, each level has a daily limit, that goes up by one at each level. So a Brand New person can post up to 2 per day, that count towards rank. (see chart below) Rank awards are paid once each week. The amount of the award can change based on the price of ArtByte. If it does change, a new chart will be posted in this thread.
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    Drawing Prompt Generator

    I Hope I'm posting this in the right subforum. This is a website that I created earlier this year. It is a fantasy themed drawing prompt generator. If you are a bit low on inspiration or ideas you can use the website to generate an idea for something to draw. The site uses an algorithm to generate the prompts and so it can come up with unique and surprising prompts to draw. http://www.cubeactive.com/drawingpromptgenerator/index.php If you like the website and want show your support you can share the link to your friends with the sharing buttons on the website or you can donate some ArtBytes to my address: AbUzTcDFVjg76Mfed1W1zfNoe6HoVPWtRC
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    As with any new technology, digital currencies like ArtByte can be hard to understand. Lets look at how ArtByte works. How are digital currencies created? Just like physical currencies, digital currencies (like ArtByte) don't just pop into existence, they have to be made. In physical currencies, paper bills are printed and coins are minted by government agencies, then distributed into the banking system. In the same way digital currencies must be created and distributed to users. In a digital currency like ArtByte, the currency is created by a software application. This software runs on each computer connected to the ArtByte network. All of the computers connected to the network work together, sharing the complex calculations necessary to create each ArtByte, and a certain number of ArtBytes are created each day. This process is called mining, and is not free, as it costs computer power and electricity. To compensate computer owners for their work, ArtBytes are paid to the software users connected to the network. For more details on mining go here: Mining ArtBytes How are balances kept and transactions processed? Just like at your bank, your account balance and transactions are stored on a server. At your bank, the bank owns the server. But, as a digital currency, ArtByte’s account data resides on a peer-to-peer (computer-to-computer) network that consists of all the computers logged into the network. This allows for additional security as there is no single server that hackers can attack, and each transaction is verified by all the computers on the network. Just like logging into your bank account with your browser, you can see your ArtByte balance and spend them using the ArtByte Wallet App. The wallet gives you all the info you need, just like using your browser for banking transactions. The Wallet App is available in several versions: Online, MAC, Windows, Android, and IOS. Since ArtByte was founded to support artists, what are the advantages vs cash? ArtBytes can be given by any fan, anywhere in the world, to artists anywhere in the world. Fans or artists don’t need credit cards or bank accounts to give and receive ArtBytes. There are no governmental, corporate or regional restrictions, telling fans who they can support. Artists receive and can spend donations of ArtBytes almost instantly. There are no fees for giving artists ArtBytes, compared to credit cards, Paypal or bank transfer fees, etc. To learn more about the advantages of ArtByte, go here: Why support artists with ArtBytes Ready to get started? The first thing you need to do is get your ArtByte Wallet App (Online, MAC, Windows, Android, or IOS). The online wallet version is already connected to the network. If you download the MAC, Windows, or Android wallet, just open it and it will automatically connect to the ArtByte network. The first time your wallet connects, it will need to sync with the network (which could take 30 mins to a couple of hours, depending on your internet connection) After that it syncs in just minutes. Go here to get your wallet: Get Started Earn your first ArtBytes, by helping to put them in circulation. Just copy your wallet receive address (found on the Receive Tab of the Wallet), and login to the ArtByte Orchard: ArtByte Orchard Post your AppleByte wallet address into the Orchard and you can earn 5 ArtBytes a day. You can spend them, save them, send them to friends or tip your favorite artists anywhere in the world with them, just by knowing their Twitter account. For how to tip, see: Tipping with ArtByte More information on ArtByte is available at: ArtByte.me And be sure to check out the ArtByte Music Store Music Store where you can download great music, paid for with ArtBytes!