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    T-shirt Designs

    So i'm back to the ArtByte world again with some new art after my experience with music. i've been wondering why don't i make my own t-shirt designs instead of looking for a good print in stores; so a friend told me to do so and upload them to Amazon. So that's what i have done! Today i've got my first T-shirt out on Amazon and it's specially made for cat loving. Because my cat is eating the whole day lol. I think it's really cool! If you are a cat person and you like it can get yours from here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FSHHC46?ref_=pe_2196150_146773810 for only 13.99$ And keep tuned because i'm doing more unique special designs for T-shirts!
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    Ballet as a child

    am happy for you on your successful stage of the production.congratulations
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    T-shirt Designs

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    Back Again!