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    Brian McCarthy| 1960 | Realist painter FOR MORE SUCH ARTISTS' & ARTWORKS FOLLOW SUJITH PUTHRAN
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    Bitcoin as at now is $6400,
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    What a cheering news,am glad to read it and hope this would bring massive pump up we have being waiting for.
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    We must till like when?do you have the idea of the time?
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    We must wait, maybe it will grow.
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    Patient is what crypto needs,you can't just rush in making decision or conclusion. Some coin do not have any value as @frank mention.knowing what coin you want to invest in matters alot
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    bitcoin doesnot show any upward movement

    You may just need to be more patient. You are part of early adopters but make sure you are holding coins token that has future.
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    bitcoin doesnot show any upward movement

    I hope so😕
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    i started at the wrong time i think,my potifolio keep decreasing day by day