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    Hello...:) I'm fashion photographer from Croatia with "thing" for retro stuff -Geek -Gamer -Manga reader First of all i wanna thank "god" for not having some emotional or really bad story like many unfortunately people in this world So, i coming from relatively small country of Croatia, situation for artist is not really great here, i dare to say it's terrible. It's difficult to find job, and so on, and so on So, few years ago i found my love and something i want to do till the day i die, and that is photography and photomanipulation. I started to reading and learning about that, and all by myself i bought my first digital camera, and now i realize how expensive that branch of art really is I really want to change how people in Croatia are looking at art, and someday i want to help kids who don't have art school or plenty of money, just to show them other way I need money for new equipment, lenses, and i want to travel to see other cultures and ofc, take photos My wallet : AcUa77JARzu2ows5FjguBdaeKsAB1kYg3U My LR presets for sale : https://gumroad.com/l/BKZj My prints : https://www.redbubble.com/people/DarkIndigo?asc=u Thanks for reading and here you can find my work: https://www.instagram.com/dark_indigox/ http://dark-indigo.deviantart.com/ Have a great day...;)
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    Colouring in Photoshop
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    Adolphe Valette | Urban landscapes of Manchester Pierre Adolphe Valette (1876-1942) was a French Impressionist painter. His most acclaimed paintings are urban landscapes of Manchester, now in the collection of Manchester Art Gallery. Today, he is chiefly remembered as L. S. Lowry's tutor. Born in St Etienne in 1876, he trained at the Ecole Municipale de Beaux-Arts et des Arts Decoratifs in Bordeaux. Valette arrived in England for unknown reasons in 1904 and studied at the Birkbeck Institute, now part of the University of London. In 1905 he travelled to the North West of England where he designed greetings cards and calendars for a Manchester printing company. He attended evening classes at Manchester Municipal School of Art and in 1907 he was invited to join the staff as a teacher. His French teaching style, painting by demonstration, was new to the United Kingdom. Lowry expressed great admiration for Valette, who taught him new techniques and showed him the potential of the urban landscape as a subject. He called him "a real teacher … a dedicated teacher". Lowry added: "I cannot over-estimate the effect on me of the coming into this drab city of Adolphe Valette, full of French impressionists, aware of everything that was going on in Paris". In 1920 Valette resigned from the Institute owing to ill health. He stayed in Lancashire for eight more years, teaching privately and painting in Manchester and Bolton. In 1928 he returned to Paris, and subsequently moved to Blacé en Beaujolais where he died in 1942. Valette's paintings are Impressionist, a style that suited the damp fogginess of Manchester. Manchester Art Gallery has a room devoted to him, where the viewer may compare some of his paintings with some of Lowry's, and judge to what extent Lowry's own style was influenced by him and by French Impressionism generally. The Lowry hosted an exhibition of about 100 works by Valette alongside works by his pupil L. S. Lowry between October 2011 and January 2012. It included paintings of Manchester from Manchester Art Gallery and loans from private owners. FOR MORE SUCH ARTWORKS & ARTISTS' FOLLOW SUJITH PUTHRAN
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    bitcoin doesnot show any upward movement

    Well, who knows? We're young, we will see it.
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    This is love and awesome photos collections
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    Dark Indigo fashion photography...

    Awesome photos, thank you for sharing your work here on the forum!
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    Daily Quotes

    This depends on the day of the week. Just think about Mondays.
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    bitcoin doesnot show any upward movement

    I don't know if it's a feasible goal to have a situation cleared up. Crypto is just starting: there are no clear references, market expectations are not clearly setup, use cases under development, regulatory framework is still embrionary. Volatiliyt is going to be our companion for quite a lot, but I don't think it's negative. Do you think that the pioneers introducing electricity or railway system in their countries had more clarity than the one we have? Let's be patient, and escape from FUD. As we have talked here many times if you're worried about ups and downs your time horizont is just too short.
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    bitcoin doesnot show any upward movement

    now the cost of btc approximately at the level of November last year. Recently, the cost is very much increased, Now the usual rollback. All investors are waiting. I think by the end of the year the situation will clear up
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    it will go up ...soooonnnnn..people are scared to invest more
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    bitcoin doesnot show any upward movement

    People got burned bad and thus no new adoption is taking place, and since in many places the regulations have still not been drafted there's no institutional money coming in. Also in general the volatility doesn't help with those instances, as they don't really want to put their clients' money at risk.
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    bitcoin doesnot show any upward movement

    Well, he can not always grow. we will wait. it will still manifest itself, but it can take a long time. maybe more than one year