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    Portrait of a young woman

    Hi, I leave here a short video to show you some stages of the digital painting process for a portrait of a young woman. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks so much for watching!! ArtByte wallet: AKgD6DN9N2YVPQ59Faa4sy5e1dMG9Z8Tm4
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    Fractal Art by Hamzatu

    © @hamzatu 2018

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    New Artist Profile

    honoured to be a new member in this community, Hey everyone, The name's Floyd feel free to have a look at some of my work on insta, homepage is still under development https://www.instagram.com/floyd.world/ http://floyd.world AHYGd1CkGjndYFju2RYpHi1LG7G6BHZJ3C
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    The Growth of the ArtByte Forum

    I think that the "get rich fast" hype has died down tremendously, and the people who jumped in around Christmas have cut their losses (because... well, who know why that sounds like a good idea...), so new money isn't flowing in and making much changes in the prices. I think that it'll be the end of the year earliest when any really large growth can be seen earliest, otherwise it's just small changes mainly behind the scenes.
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    Millennium Mambo

    I'm here

    9,Welcome Twistedcheshire! cant wait to see your work!
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    I'm here

    Hey there, TwistedCheshire! Welcome to the ArtByte community. If you feel up to it, please share your watercolor work in an artist listing post. I'd love to see it!
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    I'm here

    I am glad to welcome you to the forum. where can I see your work?
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    I'm here

    Welcome to the forum.
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    I'm here

    I am glad to welcome you to the forum.
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    I'm here

    welcome to the Artbyte forum, nice works. pls edit this post and add ur wallet adres here and in ur profile about me section too. if u dont have a wallet yet i would suggest you to download artbyte desktop wallet. https://www.artbyte.me/get-started/ Enjoy the forum!
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    I'm here

    Welcome to that great forum! I hope you'll like it as much as I do...
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    I'm here

    An artist will always hate their own work, so there is nothing new in that. Stop striving for perfection, because you will never achieve it, and instead let the public enjoy your talets regardless. Welcome to the forums!
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    I'm here

    Welcome to ArtByte, @TwistedCheshire <3 Love from India <3
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    Setas Acuarelas

    Yes, I understand what you're saying and part of the issue was my own confusion about the gallery system here; however, I still think that the limit for images to be used within a forum discussion are ridiculously small and I'm not suggesting High Resolution - no where near it - but a total of 500kb, really?
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    So, uh, what should we be looking at? This is one very quiet audio clip only, so are you going to write a paper about it? Might want to do that first (or at the very least a draft), because the initial content for a research needs no public evaluation, that's not really the way to go about it.