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    Rodd Lopes

    Hello World!

    Hello everyone. My name is Rodrigo Lopes, aka Rodd Lopes. I'm from Brazil and have been drawing and painting since I was a small child. I never used traditional media, which means I've always used digital ways to create my art. Well, except for the time I was a child and used paper and pencil :). Today I paint and draw in Photoshop, Procreate (Ipad) and Sketchbook Pro. I don't have a certain recognizable style if you will. Some people say they can see something in common in all my artworks but I'm not so sure, I usually paint very different themes as Sci-Fi, landscapes, portraits etc. I really don't consider myself a professional artist, first because I don't work with art, I have a job which is quite far from creating art, secondly because I think I still have a long way to go, there are so many things I'm still struggling to learn. I'm a self-taught artist, actually I'm self-taught in pretty much all I know in life, English included. My mother language is Brazilian Portuguese. I like making friends and talking about art, movies, series and books. I'm outgoing and friendly towards everyone. I hope you guys like my artwork. Thanks for having me in this Forum. Below is my online gallery at Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/rodrigolopes THIS IS MY WALLET ADDRESS: ALDhjq8zvTDEF7n72ahTeDTHjMFwU91PxL
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    “The Cave” is the latest artistic installation created by Solkide Auer and hosted by LEA19. LEGGI IN ITALIANO It represents an explosion of shapes, lights, colors, and movement. A cohesion of abstract and geometric elements that reflect the author’s “inner face.” [Read all]
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    Hello everyone, I am a long time virtual world resident, mainly in Second Life and recently got into Sansar as well. I love taking pictures in these worlds and sharing my digital art on my blog and social networks. Today I also wrote about Artbyte a bit. I would love more information about ArtByte, if you'd like to share with me, here's the link: https://strawberrysingh.com/2018/05/10/artbyte/ Here are some more links to my blog and social media, where I share more of my images: https://StrawberrySingh.com https://www.flickr.com/photos/strawberrysingh https://www.instagram.com/strawberrysinghvr https://twitter.com/strawberrysingh And my YouTube for my videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/strawberrysingh22 I hope you guys like. Thank you.
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    hello, welcome to the Artbyte forum, great job if i compare ur work with some others i would say u are a pro. ofc everyone has to start somewhere. i checked ur website too and saw that u use virtual character as models. do u think in near future virtual characters will replace real models? at least for internet/websites. (p.s dont forget to add ur wallet adres in ur profile in about me section and this post should have been in topic introduction u can still do it if u like and add ur wallet adres too) if u have any questions about forum just ask happy to help. Enjoy the forum!
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    "The Cave" by Solkide Auer

    awesome,am impressed
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    Very nice and realistic images! It's pretty unbelievable how something like this was state-of-the-art CGI just a decade ago, and now we can create and render them at home on a home computer! Really gets me pumped for what the future will hold!
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    Expectation from artbyte

    If I had to guess, they are referring to the Consensus 2018 conference which started yesterday (or was it on Monday?). Yesterday things went up 10-15%, but now they're back down at least the same. People like to reference previous effects this conference has had on Bitcoin and draw conclusions from that, and while for a trader it is a great spot to make money, for the rest of us it means absolutely nothing.
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    WoW.... Incredible <3
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    "The Cave" by Solkide Auer

    Awesome! Very nice installation!