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    Hi Artbyters! We are Millennium Mambo, a brand new jazz band from Spain. We´ve just joined Artbyte, and we´ve uploaded our first album to the Artbyte music store. we´ll be uploading more music soon! http://music.artbyte.me/album/millennium-mambo/ We are looking forward to hanging out in this community and to contributing to the creative space! we´re are glad to introduce ourselves our music. Check it out also our co working proyect with the talented visual artist Irene Cruz in our website: www.millenniummambomusic.com. It´s a big proyect joining music, video, art photography and audiovisuals. Here´s a clip of our music live, so you can know us In our Youtube channel have also more live videos and a making of of the album YOu can also listen our album in Spotify if you like: Hope you like it and enjoy the music! looking forward for meeting others creators in this great space. greetings from Spain!! Artbyte wallet: AJpK1hFPkHWBsVDvS5EQZ9WvMd2Ct5mAWe
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    So, here is another product I recently released inside Second Life. Everybody knows it on AD picture. Let me show you here unedited version. I'm actually going backwards with my creations, because I started with newest product. I guess it doesn't matter anyway Hope you like it. In case you're wondering, I used Mesh head by Catwa and mesh body by Maitreya. Two products I'm working with while skin making. The skin below is called "Hope". I made it for my very first big event. You can know the event by name "Skin Fair" (A yearly event in Second Life. Month, when all skin makers around SL work their asses off to prepare the best shopping experience :D). The name Hope is because I was really hoping, people will like it! The second skin is Lucy, another piece I created for Skin Fair.
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    Giuseppe Muscio | Hyperrealist Painter Italian painter ⎆ Giuseppe Muscio was born in Orta Nova, a small town situated in the historical and cultural region of Apulia. "I was fascinated by the majestic landscape around me and realized that I was born to be an artist and painter. If I close my eyes, I still can smell the perfume of the rows of vines, the fragrance of the olives and the almonds. I immediately began to reproduce what I could see onto drawing sheets, which my grandfather would give me. Soon, I moved to Milan with my family, leaving behind my roots and my love for the region. I was passionate about painting; I studied the painting’s techniques of the greatest painters of 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. I also experimented with various painting techniques using scientific methods". Giuseppe Muscio è nato ad Orta Nova. Ha studiato le tecniche della pittura dei più grandi pittori del sedicesimo, diciassettesimo e diciottesimo secolo. Ha anche sperimentato varie tecniche pittoriche utilizzando metodi scientifici. Ha incontrato grandi Maestri come Giorgio De Chirico ⎆, Domenico Cantatore, Renato Guttuso ⎆. Frequentava i loro studi, dove ha imparato nuove tecniche e ho visto nuove idee migliorando così le sue conoscenze e le abilità pittoriche. Follow me for more such Artists' & Artworks SUJITH PUTHRAN
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    A hello

    Hi Isabelle and Welcome!
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    A hello

    Welcome to the ArtByte forum
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    A hello

    Welcome to the ArtByte forum. Nice to have you here!
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    I am glad to welcome you to the forum.
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    WoW <3 great music... Welcome to ArtByte @Millennium Mambo <3 Love from India <3
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    Isabelle Cheren

    The artist spot

    From the album Virtual photos

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    A hello

    Welcome to the forums! I would recommend using the desktop wallet for increased security and stability, but if you ever run into issues help can be found on these forums!
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    Thanks all for the warm welcome!
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    i like both of them. nicely done
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    Isabelle Cheren

    A hello

    thank you. i just used the online wallet thing till I understand what it does. I haven't a clue right now but will read some more
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    Hello everyone

    Thank you everyone! & I'll heed the advice too!
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    A hello

    your welcome, if u spend little bit of time u will learn alot. i m not sure how u got ur wallet adres, is it a desktop wallet or online? if it is desktop/laptop do not forget to make a backup. bec if something goes wrong u will need ur backup. it is a tiny file all u need is wallet.dat file it is about 88kb but holds all ur privatekeys(adres +coins) about reddit i dont have an account there yet, so dont know how it really works. for more info see link http://forum.artbyte.me/forum/42-beginner/ and u can try win artist showcase (5000 artbyte coin) and if u have any questions just ask. happy to help
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    A hello

    Hello Isabelle Cheren, Welcome to the Artbyte forum, well with this wallet u can do alot of things, forexample u can tip someone or u can send money or recevie it. say u like work of strawberry Singh and u want to make donation if u have her wallet adres u could just send some coins to her(without bank involving) or someone else likes ur work so they could send u too it dosent matter which part of world u live.. ofc there is more. u can also add a link for ur youtube channel here. bytheway nice virtual foto she look great and liked background too Enjoy the forum!
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    A hello

    Welcome! if you have questions, ask and we are happy to help you