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    Hi everyone :)

    Sooo, where to start. I discovered this community recently. I'm not entirely sure what to expect, but I had to try it, because I like to try new things My name is Veronika, I'm an ordinary girl, who likes gaming and enjoys online experience. But I'm not always disconnected from real world. My hapiness is my lil angel Jenny a white doggo who always makes me smile. My contributions will be from virtual wrold Second Life. I've been a resident since 2008 and my interests in-world are texturing and skin making. I hope you'll enjoy my creation as much as I enjoy making it. My art wallet adress AJdWYZiK6zhCG74GW8CJTLhhym2qvpZhtV
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    Hello :)

    Hello everyone, This morning after reading a blog post from Strawberrysingh, a Second Life Blogger, I thought to myself that I really had to join ArtByte and see how it is. So here I am, curious and excited to learn how this all works. It all looks very interesting and a great way to share your creations. I am a Second Life Blogger that wishes to share my posts but besides that, I love writing and will be sharing that too. Perhaps even short stories in combination with Second Life Photography or just digital paintings. I really hope to meet nice people not only with similar interests and I am looking forward to seeing what other artists share, to learn new things and to be more active in my craft while also improving it. I wish you all a great weekend!
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    I've been a resident of Second Life for just over eleven years, experimenting with many of the artistic opportunities and possibilities freely available to all members of the community. Building, landscaping, reading in Voice..........and in the last four years I have become a digital image maker too. Creating images within Second Life has been my most rewarding past-time by far. The ability to change one's avatar - become a character from history, from Art or simply to tell a visual story, or merely to present a 'pretty picture', is limited only by my own creativity and imagination. It's liberating and very compulsive! Here is a link to my Flickr stream:- https://www.flickr.com/photos/boudiccaamat/ .....I hope you might find something there of interest...and if not - thank you for taking the time to look!
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    Hi Artbyters! We are Millennium Mambo, a brand new jazz band from Spain. We´ve just joined Artbyte, and we´ve uploaded our first album to the Artbyte music store. we´ll be uploading more music soon! http://music.artbyte.me/album/millennium-mambo/ We are looking forward to hanging out in this community and to contributing to the creative space! we´re are glad to introduce ourselves our music. Check it out also our co working proyect with the talented visual artist Irene Cruz in our website: www.millenniummambomusic.com. It´s a big proyect joining music, video, art photography and audiovisuals. Here´s a clip of our music live, so you can know us In our Youtube channel have also more live videos and a making of of the album YOu can also listen our album in Spotify if you like: Hope you like it and enjoy the music! looking forward for meeting others creators in this great space. greetings from Spain!! Artbyte wallet: AJpK1hFPkHWBsVDvS5EQZ9WvMd2Ct5mAWe
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    Portrait of a young woman

    Hi, I leave here a short video to show you some stages of the digital painting process for a portrait of a young woman. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks so much for watching!! ArtByte wallet: AKgD6DN9N2YVPQ59Faa4sy5e1dMG9Z8Tm4
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    Hi ArtByters

    Intrigued and fascinated and only on my first coffee of the day ... looking forward to solids ... Scottish anthropologist, filmmaker, photographer, artist working in Seville, Andalucia, Spain and in Glasgow, Edinburgh, St Andrews, Scotland, and Elsewhere, and in Second Life. First link my artmontgomery pages: artmontgomery-neil First image post: one from the Setas Acuarelas series ...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I figured I'd introduce myself. My name is BloodyKitty230 (a.k.a) Kelly. I am 22-years-old, genderfluid, and a blogger for Second Life. Besides enjoying my photo taking within the virtual world I also love to play video games, draw, write, play my piano, cosplay, etc.
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    Hello everyone, I am a long time virtual world resident, mainly in Second Life and recently got into Sansar as well. I love taking pictures in these worlds and sharing my digital art on my blog and social networks. Today I also wrote about Artbyte a bit. I would love more information about ArtByte, if you'd like to share with me, here's the link: https://strawberrysingh.com/2018/05/10/artbyte/ Here are some more links to my blog and social media, where I share more of my images: https://StrawberrySingh.com https://www.flickr.com/photos/strawberrysingh https://www.instagram.com/strawberrysinghvr https://twitter.com/strawberrysingh And my YouTube for my videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/strawberrysingh22 I hope you guys like. Thank you.
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    So, here goes nothing. If you wanna know everything about my brand Spicy, you can visit my website here - https://spicybodyshop.com/ My Flickr https://www.flickr.com/gp/veronika_beningborough/B9303k. And Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SpicyBodyshop/ As much as I love to bring my pictures to perfection. I decided I'll be sharing mostly "raw" images of my creations , for you to see how it really looks unedited. So, Image below is something I've been preparing for a few weeks now. Not that it's too hard to make, well obviously it's pain in the ass sometimes, but I've been 1) lazy 2) RL busy. What I'm preparing is a female skin called "Dottie". It'll be exclusive item for Vintage fair, an event in Second Life, that you can visit every year. I hope you like her!
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    Intro 2

    you are most welcome
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    Intro 2

    Thats all good, welcome to the Artbyte forum where all the community members are friendly and helpful just be an active member and you will know what I like you to experience!
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    Intro 2

    your welcome, i see what you mean. sure it would be much clear. maybe next website update(not long ago website been updated) it is a good idea!
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    I’m learning do much this morning thank you folks! I added it to my About Me section of my profile ... I wonder would it not be better to have a particular place in one’s profile for one’s Wallet Address?
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    Intro 2

    Welcome to the Artbyte forum,Yes as gates said u can edit ur post(which is a great future) u should also add ur wallet adres in about me section too it is in ur profile (u can clcik ur profile name right top and a menu will open) Enjoy the forum!
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    welcome, you did not need to create a new topic. you could just edit the first message
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    Welcome to ABY forum! Hope you feel fine here
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    Extremely Incredible <3 <3 work
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    hai all,introduce my name is Denias Siahaan, my origin from the city in the western tip of indonesia that is Medan but live and work in Jakarta as wedding invitation design, book, or other common word is Printing Service. Nice to join in forum. Wallet --> AKf1KRt3AQorbkuyZwspF8de4eGGh8Bmp5