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    Hello dear friends, my name is István and i am a german/hungarian artist living in eastern germany. I do small painings on wood, and light installations in witch i use carved wood figures, effects with light and shadow and optical things like mirrors, lenses, prisms, projectors erc. Fore some examples of my artwork please see my galleries here (to be coninued) my website: http://istvanseidel.de and my pinterest: https://pin.it/2txdx5u2l46j6q I got few questions: have you got an Artbyte button for website or pinterest to receive donations? Can i trade Artbyte only in other crypts or also in €? At least, have we got some germans or hungarians here? And is the Artbyte team interested in exhibitions in real life? best regards:István PS: if you want to support my art, please donate to: AbU3i7Bsi87iyqmAijxuaAyeLW4z76carz
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    Hello Artworld

    I'm Frank from Canada, passionate person when it comes to painting and Sculptor. Stumbled on artbyte through Twitter and I got hooked by the vision of this project. Hope I'm welcome here. ASXBcNCjZH8sLmZ9paMueWtkqiWPBMHFT3
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    Hello everyone! I have been working towards this for a couple of months now and I'm just about ready to get started. The idea popped in to my head when I discovered artbyte. The deal is as such, I study fine-art at the Utrecht academie of arts (HKU) in the Netherlands. At our location we don't enjoy any kind of mentionable facilitation concerning our nutritional and material needs. therefor I have decided to open up a small in-school shop where, my fellow art students can acquire healthy and replenishing snacks and neccesities such as (but not limited to) scissors, ducktape, pencils, brushes, USB drives, (you get the picture). Whilst coincidentally adopting artbyte as a autonomous currency for artists. Contributing to our cause by investing in this community and themselves. In addition to the instigation of the shop initiative I am also trying to be permitted to host a seminar revolving around cryptocurrencies and of-course artbyte. I truly believe this ABY currency has or could have great value for artists, especially the young and aspiring demographic is in need of self-determination and funding, and isn't that kinda what artbyte translates in to? Will thoroughly appreciate any suggestions and #protips or just #feels from the community and I am looking forward to hearing from ya'll! Regards, Floyd https://www.facebook.com/FloydDotWorld/ www.floyd.world
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    From the album Watercolours

    Digital watercolour

    © J. Van de Perre

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    Oceana, drawings to color!

    adorably, I adore coloring from my childhood
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    Oceana, drawings to color!

    I've always really loved the look of coloring books - the clean lines look so nice, it's almost a shame to fill them in. This is some really beautiful work! The amount of detail is really stunning.
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    How to earn free Artbytes?

    I wrote admin, the bonus was quickly transferred. as I explained, the delay was caused by the fact that the system again found a large number of multi-accounts