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    ArtByte lover from Pakistan

    Hello friends... I am an old cryptoguy and joined this forum sometime back but never was active. But from now on i'll be an active and effective part of this community. I also gave my intro yesterday but i think i put it in the wrong section so here i am again introducing myself again. My Artbyte address : AJduSke9ycPENfHfXGQ2piQeATEfq1fZvG
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    Hi, I'm Blaine Prescott, painter, and visual artist. I wanted to share some of my paintings with you. I hope you enjoy them:
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    Shadow Shapes

    Long time no draw

    New motorcycle draw (making of):
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    ArtByte lover from Pakistan

    you are mostly welcome to artbyte world of artcrypto
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    Long time no draw

    beautiful drawing
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    I love every bit of video
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    Nice paintings . It is strange and unique . very interesting