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    Hello, everybody!

    Hello, everybody! My name is Andrew and I'm a newcomer here. I'm a designer and artist in handmade jewelry.
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    Never too old?

    This is beautifully inspirational ?????
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    A new writer

    Am new here, My name is Stephen Onyiri, am a Nigerian, and am a poet and a writer. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Film Studies, playwright major in the University Of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt. Rivers State. Nigeria. I heard about artbyte showcase on twitter from a friends mobile device and am dead in support of this innovation. Thanks. If you like my poems, feel free to drop some abycoins. my Wallet address: AQULZGf97nbDMWpb7DTiQaYFhgC7BHbcnm
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    Oana Painter

    Great Expectations

    From the album Portraits and People

    © Oana

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    Hello, everybody!

    Please click on edit on your intro and add it . You're welcome
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    Hello, everybody!

    Hi, and welcome to ABY! Nice jewelry!
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    Hello, everybody!

    Welcome to aby forum
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    Hello, everybody!

    Hello Andrew welcome to the Artbyte forum. ur works look nice esp. colors :-) would like to see more of ur works. dont forget to add ur wallet adres here and in ur profile about me section. Enjoy the forum!
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    Hello, everybody!

    I am glad to welcome you to artbyte forum. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the forum.
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    Daily Quotes

    Do not be slow to give up, calm down, smile .. And say: "Not this time, it means in another. Life continues!"
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    Is this a good time to buy ArtByte (ABY)?

    I think below 100sat is a bad thing, we could go down alot more from here..
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    Daily Quotes

    Dance as though nobody is watching ?
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    withdraw from reddit

    There is no way to sell any cryptocurrency to PayPal directly, as PayPal doesn't really take well to cryptocurrency trading and will likely end up freezing your account. The only way to do that would be to use a third party service, but those are costly and can have the same outcome. If you're in Europe, you can use https://litebit.eu/ to sell for EUR and withdraw directly to your bank account though.
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    Daily Quotes

    Happiness is good health and bad memory
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    Daily Quotes

    He who trusts secrets to a servant makes him his master.
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    Daily Quotes

    Be strong enough to let go, and patient enough to wait for what you deserve
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    I love the dance style,