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    This week's ArtByte Artist Showcase winner is painter and graphic artist, Paul Tanimowo Animashaun, Omociano Graphics/Paintings. He received 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured on ArtByte's social media all this coming week! See more of his work on the ArtByte Forum here.
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    My recreate Artbyte Logo

    As a graphic designer specially branding consultant/ logo designer I create a modern logo design for Artbyte. This is not officially request by the community/staff but i want to share my rework on that here.. Let me here your thoughts in my version of Artbytle Logo.. Thanks..
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    This week's ArtByte Artist Showcase winner is photographer, Ben Böhmer. He does photography primarily in Oslo and Berlin. Mostly portraits, events and editorial. He received 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured on ArtByte's social media all this coming week! You can see more of his work, on the ArtByte Forum here.
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    Hello, I'm Alejandro Domingo also known as Creamworkz based on Philippines,Manila but working internationally. I'm a professional graphic designer with a portfolio spanning over 8 years. I am passionate about minimalist, simple and clean design. To date, my designs have been increasingly gaining recognition from well established and respected international design communities. My goal is to exceed all expectations by creating outstanding Brands and Design, making your Brand truly stand out from the overwhelming crowd of brands and products out there. I'm fully committed to every project, to each tiny detail, and to turning clients into life-long partnerships. My design expertise covers a wide range of visual representations for brands, including: logo identity design, typography, brand guidelines, stationery, packaging design, art direction, and design consultations. I'm also working as freelance graphic designer in some cryptocurrency platform, forums and developers projects. also I'm investing in cryptocurrency since 2014, trading and hodling some coins. Found this on coinmarketcap by intentionally search "ART" then found this coin. Looks interesting and awesome specially for artist like me.. Here's some of my works. Some of my logo designs. Note: All of this logo's is subject for copyrighted of the respectful owner/client of me. Animated Banner App icon i made for IOS/Android Wallet of burstcoin. Note: this above one is not fully custom illustration by me, because the client of this project provided important file of the design. This above one is collaboration work with my colleague. This above one is my first attempt on trying animating image. the image drawing is from pixabay. For more works, Here's my online portfolio(s) & social media account: I'm looking forward to know you all here CREAMWORKZ | 99DESIGNS | LOGOPOND | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK ArtByte Address: AUdBHTTpHLPNrHJBcP8q4tSh2ofPM27N9S
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    Newbie here (Graphic artist.)

    Hi Guys .... good to be here, my name is Nicholas Diabuah, I'm a graphics artist and illustrator based in Nigeria and I'm happy to be here with you all. And my warmest condolence to the people of the united state and families of all those who lost their lives in the Las Vegas shooting. Artbyte Address: AWaCnwKA4fHVpF3FzN334uQQTQSGoNXBJM Some of my commissioned works Prof Wole Shoyinka.Late Chinuah Achebe
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    Today we had to suspend several accounts for digging up threads that are 2-3 years old and commenting on them to build post count. We have suspended accounts for that before. It is spam and could lead to a permanent account ban.
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    Artbyte at $1. How is it determined?

    Value of coin goes as it is used. Not so much bought and stored, but every day usage. More real world businesses need to support it. For example with Bitcoin (BTC), Overstock.com accepts payment in Bitcoin. BitPay allows you to buy Amazon Gift Card. BitPay also offers a debit card that takes money from your BitCoin wallet and let's you buy virtually anything. That's how to get altcoins to rise in value... by increasing every day usage. So, you need more use cases and more ways of partnering with other businesses. Right now, the greatest use I see is tipping on Reddit and Twitter. I can't really think of any other use case they've come up with. I can see other use cases: 1) art foundation, trust -> smart contract that gives out monthly dividend to artists or other artist organizations 2) pay for art events (electronic music festivals, dance events (ballet, modern dance), theatre). at festivals, you could have an rfid wristband that let's you buy stuff with the wristband using artbytes. attendees can top up or load artbytes at the event. 3) pay street performers in artbyte (print up business cards with unique wallet addresses with value stored on it). up to busker to redeem.
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    Hi everyone, am a Nigerian artist, painter and graphic designer! My portfolio:- https://www.facebook.com/Omociano https://www.twitter.com/Omociano ARTBYTE ADDRESS: APwwjJhFrwFrZ8QiqitoYG1KJ7RdQvAyeE Thank you! Recent wall murals, by Paul Tanimowo Animashaun, Omociano Graphics/Paintings.
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    Yobit adds ABY/RUR trading

    ArtByte gains trading liquidity Good news for artists and art fans in Russia. You can now trade ABY/RUR on the Yobit Exchange You can also trade these pairs now on Yobit: ABY/ETH, ABY/DOGE, ABY/WAVES, ABY/USD
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    sting art

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    How to mine (create) ArtBytes

    You can not mine using an online wallet, to mine you must first download an ArtByte wallet. An extra step for mining on Windows When you download and install a Windows wallet, you must also manually download and install the mining app also. This is automatic on MAC, but not on Windows. Follow these instructions: Download the most recent Windows version of cpuminer: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cpuminer/files/?source=navbar Unzip the folder, which includes minerd and some other files Move minerd and the other included files to the Programs folder, where ArtByte-Qt is located. You should now see that ArtByte-Qt and minerd (and the files that came with it) are in the same folder. Now you are ready to follow the steps below. If you do not complete this step you will get an error when trying to mine on MAC. The following instructions are for mining from the ArtByte wallet (Experienced miners using ASICs can simply create an account on http://pool.artbyte.me & point their miners to the pool and the appropriate port (listed on the pool) When opened on your PC, your wallet is connected to the ArtByte Network. The ArtByte network both verifies ArtByte transactions and creates (mines) new ArtBytes. On the wallet app for MAC, PC, or Linux there is a tab for "Mining" (mining can not be performed on Android devices). To mine using your Wallet, the first thing you need to do is setup an account at our mining pool: http://pool.artbyte.me. Just click on the "Create pool account" link at the bottom of the wallet (lower right corner). When you are on the pool website, you can login (by clicking on the tab on the upper right, labeled "Guest", then click the sign up button. When your account is setup, login then chose the "My Account" tab on the left, then choose "My Workers" and create a new worker. Then you need to configure your payout address and how often you want it to payout from the mining wallet to your personal wallet. Under the “My Account” tab, click “Edit Account”, scroll down about half way and you will see “Payment Address” You need to enter the address of your personal wallet. Then go to “Automatic Payment Threshold”, set that to the minimum amount you want to transfer from your pool account to your personal wallet. Once you have a worker set up on your account, you can open your wallet, click on the mining tab and fill in your Username (which is the combination of your pool account name, followed by a dot, then your worker). So it would be entered like this: yourpoolaccountname.yourworker For example, if your pool about name was "John" and your worker name was the number "1", you would enter it like this: "John.1" After you have filled in the info on the wallet, just click start mining, and you will be connected to the pool. If you have any problems, just email support@artbyte.me
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    This is also why I'm hoping for the new (improved) store to launch. We need more options to spend our ABY, other than on exchanges. Buying and selling art through the store, or maybe accept it yourself, would definitely be benefitial for the value.
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    New artist from Portugal

    Hello friends! My name is André Almeida and i'm a musician, primary bass player. I play other instruments like drums, guitar and keys. Currently i'm working on my project but in the meanwhile i'm a freelancer (musician and teacher). Here is some of my work, hope you enjoy! My ABY Wallet: AJ17Y9G66tLJexXizyR1NuyjLLcrT8Y2nk
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    This week's showcase winner is painter Ame Painter! "Painting to me is out of pure passion and so I've heard that... what is born out of passion has the power to save our souls." ~Ame~ She is the winner of 5,000 ArtByte and will be featured on ArtByte's social media all this week! You can see more of her work on the ArtByte Forum here.
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    Into the Woods Series

    You are talented
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    Hi everyone! I am a painter from Bulgaria and I am new here. I hope you might like my art AL18k37VF6aK7xptUt9fM4yUmhwA1e4S5j My artworks can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/iglika.todorova.artist/ ;https://www.saatchiart.com/iglika
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    Tipping on ArtByte forums

    As discussed in another thread, I wanted to know if there are plans to add tipping (like on Twitter or Reddit) to the forums as well? I'm sure people here would be willing to use a tipping system on a platform they're most active on, so it would be nice to see the style of those reaction images to include also a way to tip few ABY's to people who truly contribute to the community!
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    Designing logo for Artbyte

    Hello, This's my first job offering using Artbyte. For the service my offer is to design your personal/website/business/shop/band/... etc logo for Artbyte. The service include : - Creative/unique logo concept. - 5 Revisions. - 1~3 days deadline. - All of the required files including the source files of the design. The service price is : 2500 Artbye To start working on your project i'll need the following : - Full detailed brief. - Samples you like. - Styles you prefer. - Colors you prefer. You'll also need to do a full deposit to this address and PM me after sending the Artbytes : AaQyNSD4HH4NQrcuyLrJPaDFxDVm2HBrHe Attached samples of me logo designs.
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    Designing logo for Artbyte

    Looking good! These samples are just something to present yourself, right? I mean I can find the originals on Google, meaning they're probably not licensed content, or am I wrong? Anyways nice work here!
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    Hello, I'm Sarah

    Yeah looking forward on that. I'm in cryptoworld already before that's why i found this community.. I already brought some artbyte coins for future investment.
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    Hello, I'm Sarah

    Thanks creamworkz Nice to meet you, i'd love if we may do something great for artbyte together
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    The Dream

    From the album Art Portfolio

    Dreaming around the clock.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdqE1cnBeuo - SHOWREEL file:///C:/Users/Guest/Desktop/CV-Stanojevi%C4%87UnivBaccArtOfActing-EN.pdf - CV
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    Hey there, and welcome to the forums! You might want to host your CV actually online, because now you've just linked to a file on your computer which nobody but you can access
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    Web wallet slow

    Hey! The "send error" issue has been solved, thanks to artbyte management.
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    Hey there! Just wondering where the pappisman name came from?:)
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    i have noticed a huge dip?

    People are selling their altcoins for bitcoins because of the upcoming fork.
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    Jaime Filipe


    From the album Land Art

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    Neon Artist works!!!

    Best thread ever I see in this forum!
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    niuQuin Art

    Just look at the paintings ( images ) and make your own conclusions. Blessings full of light. Enjoy
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    Neon artist

    Neon Artist works!!!

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    Neon artist

    Neon Artist works!!!

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    Newbie here (Graphic artist.)

    Thank you benres
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    Soy Alfredo Figueras, de Argentina... Escribo Chacareras Salchicheras Dachshund Argentinas Partituras de música Nacional
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    Another day, 5% closer to SegWit! Today's Segwit update: 30.5% of required blocks mined. www.artbyte.me/segwitcsv-progress-tracker/
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    Paint the sky make it yours

    good job, thanks for sharing it here on the artbyte forumu!
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    Hello to all ArtByte folks, Just purchased my first 80k ArtBytes... yeah..... My name is Michael and I'm a full time artist with a working studio.. I create all originals with lots of texture I do mostly art festivals throughout the US, however I have 1 Gallery in Jerome Arizona as I'm from the area. I see a great opportunity in this project and am looking forward to supporting it... I will probably have many questions in terms of setting up my profile and appreciate the help
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    For me, the most influential life-changing book in my life has been The Holy Bible. I continue to be selfish in many ways, but I'm learning to be more hopefuly, humble, patient, and loving through the grace of God. I feel I've been given new life twice already and blessed beyond what I deserve.
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    Over the past weekend, we spun up a new pool, with a SegWit enabled wallet on the live ArtByte network. We have mined the first block with SegWit enabled. You can see it on the ArtByte explorer. Look at the block version number, it ends in 915 which is signalling SegWit and CSV. Neither is active but the pool miner is voting for it to be enabled on the network, when we get to 8,064/10,080 blocks signalling support for both Version Bit forks it will be locked in, another two weeks and it will be active. http://explorer.artbyte.me/block/176ba6f3a48804db15f77d913f4adb61fad23bc40f2588058feeaa817e77f174
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    From the album brazza

    130x110cm oil/sand on canvas. Dripping, spatula techniques.

    © Marco Menato

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    You're welcome to artbyte forum community service and remember to add your wallet to about me section
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    This week's winner is Nigerian artist, Ifeanyi Ifemeje! He is the winner of 5,000 ArtByte! You can see more of his work on the forum here. He majored in Pastel and Charcoal medium for about 10years now and has enjoyed the experience, and over the course of his journey, he searched for ways to improve his art and make it available to a larger audience. Digital medium of expression caught his interest about 2 years back and it has been cool so far.
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    Supply and demand folks...Don't erect huge sell walls by dumping all of your coins at a singular price. That will not push the price upward but have the opposite effect on the market.
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    It is definitely possible to learn how to write good articles. Look at some big platforms you like to read and see how they do it for example can help a lot. I write for some blogs for a few years now and learned very much. One of the most important things of writing an articles is in my opinion structure. Start with an introduction, which makes people decide if it is interesting enough to read further, make a strong core, where all the arguments, ideas, exemples etc are given and end with a conclusion or something. The end part can also be seen as a kind of summary. Also very important: the title is the first thing that people read and must really be a summary in one sentence about what the article is about!
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    ABY premined and available details?

    https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=503131.0 Technical SpecificationAlgorithm: ScryptTarget of maintaining approximately 1,000,000,000 AppleBytesBlock Time: 120 SecondsDifficulty Retarget Time: DGW2Automatic CheckpointingDNS SeedsHalves approx. every two yearsApprox. 1 billion total coins, plus 0.5% inflation after year 8Block 1-1250: - 25% to fund the AppleByte FoundationBlock 1,251 — 500,000: 800Block 500,001 — 1,000,000: 400Block 1,000,001 — 1,500,000: 200Block 1,500,001 — 2,000,000: 100Block > 2,000,001: 20: Approx. 0.005% per year
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    This week's ArtByte Artist Showcase winner is Florina Vameşu, a painter from Bucharest, Romania. She is the winner of 5,000 ArtBytes and will be featured this week on ArtByte's social media! You can see more of her work on the ArtByte Forum here.
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    Ame Painter

    Works In Progress

    Just as my paintings are in the state of progress I find myself alike in a constant learning process... discovering the insights and real beauty of this noble art called painting.
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    You can post as often as you want. Rank bonuses are paid according to both Rank and time. See the chart below, it shows the number of posts allowed each day (that count towards your rank) and minimum number of days required to reach each level. Allowed # of posts/day Total # of posts Awards to be sent Brand New 2 posts/day Day 1 1 introduction post with ArtByte wallet address 25 Newbie 2 posts/day Day 5 10 100 Novice 3 posts/day Day 13 25 250 Initiate 3 posts/day Day 21 50 500 Apprentice 3 posts/day Day 30 75 750 Jr. Member 3 posts/day Day 38 100 1000 Member 4 posts/day Day 55 150 1500 Full Member 4 posts/day Day 67 200 2500 Sr. Member 4 posts/day Day 92 300 3500 Patron 4 posts/day Day 142 500 5,000 Silver Patron 5 posts/day Day 217 800 10,000 Gold Patron 5 posts/day Day 297 1200 20,000 Diamond Patron 5 posts/day Day 457 2000 50,000 Legendary 5 posts/day Day 657 3000 100,000