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  2. ArtByte Roadmap discussions

    ABY is based on the Bitcoin core, right? And Vanitygen is open source, so I suppose it wouldn't be a massive thing for someone with a bit of coding skill to port ABY to Vanitygen (or well, I suppose technically vice versa). I support this idea myself, because I do use BTC vanity addresses, and it would be neat to have one for ABY as well!
  3. While I do agree with this, I don't really see the problem in business use in the sense of artists being able to use ABY themselves to buy tools or whatever they might need. Skips out on the need to exchange ABY to fiat in order to keep the show on the road, pun intended. And while I'm just a hobbyist myself, it would be nice to be able to purchase some musical equipment with ABY locally, so that I wouldn't have to use fiat for them.
  4. Ah, I see, like a scratch card with a code you'd insert and then get the funds sent in! Makes a lot sense, actually, and would be very (or well, at least somewhat easier) easy to implement. I might start looking into something like this, could probably make it an all-crypto encompassing platform where dev's could join up to share their funds for new users like that easier.
  5. Apparently there's at least one store in California that accepts Bitcoin (http://spendbitcoins.com/places/humble-fabrics-and-crafts/), so it might be worth it to contact them and introduce ABY to them if they're still working with crypto. And there's always the option to be the pioneer yourself, and open up a store that accepts a wide range of crypto payments
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  7. Hello: niwdeyen

    Hello friends... Deep inside there is: available on tidal https://listen.tidal.com/artist/9183364 Enjoy and share...
  8. Hello: niwdeyen

    Thank you Cgegege. Have a great day. Take care. See you around.
  9. Hello: niwdeyen

    Thank you Strannik58 Have a great day. See you around.
  10. Cash-out on official pool?

    All ok, just noticed that if was finally paid... (But it did last longer than usual)
  11. Analog Paper Collages

    @strannik58 Thank you for your reply. My work is all analog. Sometimes I do some adjustments on the computer but only when I need the work to be printed, to exclude foldings in te paper and such.
  12. Cash-out on official pool?

    Notice about payment is not visible on pool anymore, but I still cannot cash-out ABYs. Request has been made, but for more than a 24 hours payment was not finished. Can someone confirm?
  13. Thanks for the info, with regards to usage, does anyone know of an art supplies store that accepts ABY?
  14. Hello: niwdeyen

    Nice video
  15. Analog Paper Collages

    Hello! The art of the collage always contests the painting. In Russian art, the collage was popular in 80 years. How do you do your work? On your computer or manually?
  16. Hello: niwdeyen

    Hi! Welcome to the forum! Good music! Interesting arrangements!
  17. Artbyte at $1. How is it determined?

    @ArtByteStaff @Admin @Bushstar Would we be able to hire a designer for a project where we pay out based on objectives met? 10% deposit, 30% completion of objective 1, 30% completion of objective 2, 30% final payment. Is it possible to write objectives into a smart contract? How do both parties go about approving objective points so designer can get paid? For music and rights holders, can you split payment so that musician, promoter, song writer, etc (different parties involved), get a cut of sales? Is that considered a smart contract as well?
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  19. Pool status?

  20. Pool status?

    Two blocks were just found using this pool! mined at Oct 19, 2017 2:52:58 PM - http://explorer.artbyte.me/tx/619b7741b3861cbe0fb843d3db0876cb02aaab670316c45619b02271ed21fee0 mined at Oct 19, 2017 3:27:35 PM - http://explorer.artbyte.me/tx/c66509303740c5fe75c7364e4417cb86d9a78a14cd667bbe34726a168ab10aa3
  21. Pool status?

    we have one and he is currently working
  22. Artbyte at $1. How is it determined?

    I completely agree (y) (y) I do have 0.8 artbyte on my wallet but i'm really interesting on the coin and how people behind it trying to make it usable on the creative area. We also must not forget that it's a crypto coin and most of it's holder stay at least for a while on the internet and most of them are techy ppl. DESIGN is more profitable than what you ever thought. The online design marketplaces receives huge amounts of $$$ hourly from selling creativity to the people needs it. We can make a marketplace where designers and creative people can actually get paid for their work. Something easy to use but more than just another marketplace. Check creativemarket.com , Yes! They don't sell any physical products, only design resources. Millions of dollars is its worth! If you jumped to their blog you'll find that they regularly celebrate a new " 1 Million Dollar " designer who made 1million selling his work on creativemarket.com!! Lot of designers facing problem to get paid on those marketplace(because of their locations/accepted payments ... .etc). From this point, we'll find lot of designers who will reserve a seat on aby spaceship to the moon They get paid easily with a financial freedom and their money is increasing by the time!! What a good to try thing On the other side : We already have artbyte listed on the most popular exchanges and buyers will find it cool and easy to buy ABY. Lot of this type of buyers called "Clients" not "Customers" and they're long-term friends. They'll find it cool to invest on this coin to repeat their marketplace experience easily. " I'll be smart if i bought 100.000 ABY and kept them for my next 30 years orders " >> Client thinking It's never been impossible to make it happen!! Imagine if we have those transactions and exchanges on ABY!!
  23. Pool status?

    Oh okay, that makes more sense. We're gonna need a few heavy duty scrypt miners with us to get any found blocks. zpool.ca said they just added ABY to their multipool roster: http://www.zpool.ca/site/block?id=327
  24. Analog Paper Collages

    Knutseltroep, is a collage artist currently situated in Gouda, The Netherlands. In addition to her profession as a care attendant for the disabled, she practises the art of collage making. Knutseltroep's works are on the one hand touchingly beautiful, on the other hand painfully attractive. Sometimes her works appear idiosyncratic and quirky. AHAY7cosPWNkgaMTq3yBwPmvmnHbJWKWRW
  25. Artbyte at $1. How is it determined?

    I disagree holding ABY will help it grow in value. If you sell it on the exchange for BTC, ABY will not go up in value. ABY has to be used for everyday transactions. Monero (XMR) has value because it is used in darknet market places. DASH is being used to pay for medical marijuana. You need every day use cases for an altcoin to grow in value. New features & innovation helps bring interest to the altcoin, but it is how the technology is used that gives it the real world value. Bitcoin's value did not go up because people held it. The value went up because people use it for goods & services.
  26. Pool status?

    reward for block is 400 ABY. You will get 1% of that reward - 4 ABY.
  27. Pool status?

    Oh, last time I read... there was mention of 4 ABY per found block. This has changed now to 1%? So, if mined 1 ABY, I will get a bonus of 1%, or .01 ABY as a bonus? So, 1.01 ABY in total?
  28. The value of any coin determined by how many hold/need/use it . That is the logic behind any value , Because simply the need and use great the demand and demand great the value .
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