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  2. Project ABY

    The greatest thing to work on is your emotion. That's why in a bull run, you will feel as if it will keep on going that way and when it starts dropping, you will start to panic thinking it will keep dropping, and so you sell off.
  3. Hi there! :)

    Welcome Belinda to this great community. Enjoy your stay here
  4. Today
  5. Project ABY

    Yea I hope so too
  6. Daily Inspiration - D a v i d G r a y - F i n e A r t

    thanks a lot for sharing
  7. Project ABY

    YOu never know... 500kABY right now is cca 5000 USD.... Let's meet again here after 10 months to see if you are billionare or not... Hard to say, but I believe you won't loose.
  8. Anurag Verma - Photographer

    Well and nice taking shot
  9. I have a question

    And some part of south america,I think it only people in Europe that can mining successfully
  10. Hi there! :)

    You're much welcome to artbyte forum
  11. Thanks to both of you for been positive
  12. My Work

    Lovely sound.keep it coming
  13. Hi there! :)

    You're welcome to the artbyte community
  14. Am always positive about artbyte project.and I believe they are still working hard.the competition in cryptosystem will make artbyte grow well even surpass last year
  15. I have a question

    Most especially in Africa
  16. Anurag Verma - Photographer

    Am glad to know you here.you are talented
  17. a series of works with wineglass)

    You're so creative and talented
  18. a series of works with wineglass)

    I love this creativity..
  19. Daily Inspiration - D a v i d G r a y - F i n e A r t

    So amazing. Thank you for sharing.
  20. Anurag Verma - Photographer

    Amazing shots.
  21. I have a question

    Mining is not a joke especially in a country with epileptic power supply.
  22. Project ABY

    It sometimes is a great mindfuck. But most times I am ending up with a loss when I want to sell and rebuy again. I rather spend my artbytes on art when the right project comes by.
  23. Crypto boom this year will surpass that of last year for sure. We just need artbyte to perform half of what it did last year, and we are @1usd. I believe strongly in it, so I'm expectant of it.
  24. Hello!

    You are welcome on board
  25. Hi there! :)

    Welcome Belinda to ArtByte forum. You have a nice name.
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